Ships Log – Tuesday 3rd May 2010 – Trellis Bay – Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola

Cup of tea in bed, I like it when we have crew on board, Andrew was up early, in fact they were both up before us, we promised them a lay in, but of course they are still on British body clocks.

We had some breakfast, and left our mooring, we headed out, and put the jib up, we were going 6 knots, the sun was coming out, and things were looking good. After a while, we went about and now with the wind behind us, we were going along at 5 knots, very comfortable and pleasant for our last sail. The wind died back, and I put the engine on, eventually we took the sail in, and just motored to the entrance of the Marina. Geoff took over the helm, and we all helped to put fenders out, we had three attempts to get into our slot, because the wind was being difficult, and it was a very narrow slot, for a wide boat, still we made it. Not sure that it helped Geoff having two others telling him what to do, he normally can get in without anyone’s help.

We then headed up to meet Lilo, it was lovely to see him again, he just doesn’t change, we were talking about Whitbread, and he says he might come out in the summer, Esther and Rob have also said they would like to come out, so we could have a boat full of youngsters, and let them do all the work.

Chris went and got some bread, and we had bread and cheese for lunch, then we dressed the boat, with all her flags, then we all went for a swim in the pool.

We then fell into the bar, which happened to be happy hour, I had a rum punch, then went and got changed, Lilo met us all about 6.30pm and gave us more rum punches and nibbles, so by the time the evening was finished we were quite merry. Chris and I had a dance, with the local musician, and then he crashed out in his bed. Geoff Andrew and I went and had another drink, and some ribs.

We all then went back to the boat, for a fairly early night, as I have a 4.30am start in the morning.

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