Bicycle Shop

Saturday & Sunday 2nd & 3rd March 2024

A weekend of lounging about, enjoying the blue skies and warm weather just sitting around doing nothing much, though poor Martin did carry out some routine maintenance work on our computers/tablets/‘phones, so sorry Martin we are so thick when it comes to technology, our excuse, were “dinosaurs”. 

Bicycle and coffee shop

The one thing we didn’t neglect was exercising the dogs, not only were they taken down to the road with the ball thrower, the also had a ball thrown down the outside 36 steps that lead up to the top floor of the villa; poor buggers will be totally knackered after this weekend, whilst we on the other hand will be totally relaxed!!!

Nice and sunny whilst having coffee

We did venture out Saturday morning for coffee.   Martin had shown Christine a dog friendly walk amongst the vines through an attractive valley heading towards Parcent.   Christine planned to be walking for about 45-minutes making a change from ball throwing for the dogs. In the mean time we went to wait at a newly opened cafe next to Blanca Bikes* in Parcent, but it turned out to be part of Blanca bikes and was “heaving” with cyclists; something very popular in Spain and especially around here, locals and cyclist holidaymakers.    We enjoyed nice coffee, beans roasted on site!! And their speciality, individual carrot cakes that look on the outside like cream covered muffins.; naturally all this washed down with Soberano!!!    We then got the call, Christine needed collecting as the last part of her walk was along the narrow busy road.   Martin headed off and returned a few minutes later with two dogs and their handler!!  We all sat in the sun, had another drink before heading home.

Setting off on our walk

Martin knew about the post office scandal but hadn’t watched the ITV serries that set everything off, so the three of us settled down and binge-watched the 4-episodes, it was an eye opener to Martin and we picked up many interesting things we’d missed the first time we watched it.

On Sunday morning Christine said she’d like to do the same walk again, but this time in reverse.   So we dropped her off at the place she was collected from yesterday and returned to our cafe for a re-run of yesterday but to our dismay, they’d run out of Soberano, obviously we’d hit them too hard on Saturday!!!    

We meandered through orange and olive trees

Yesterday the place was full of cyclists, all the bike racks were full and other bikes rested on the walls, but today very few cyclists, virtually empty bike racks, only folk who just came out for coffee and sunshine. 

Think he has been to far!

When the call came, we were both ready so left and met up at the agreed car park and headed home.

If I pased the church I was on the right road!

Tonight we watched the follow up documentary to the serries “Mr Bates V The Post Office” this opened up everyone’s eyes even more than the 4-episodes as it interviewed the actual postmasters involved in the scandal.


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