Ships Log – Sunday 2nd May 2010 – Josh Van Dyke


Wind and rain, most of the night, I spent more time checking than sleeping, we were being pushed around, I hate it when it is like this. Got the morning tea, drinking it in bed, when I rushed out, another first, sea-sick on anchor! Never had that before. I went on deck, put the hood up, and just sat in the rain for a while, there was no air in the boat, and I think that’s what caused it. We sat around for ages, and then decided we would move anyway, as we have to be in Trellis Bay by 5pm.

Geoff got soaked doing the anchor, the last one for this season, next year we will make sure we have a heavier anchor, which can hold her firmly in place.

We motored all the way, wet, on the nose, and sea state rough, not good, we managed the staysail for a while, but unless we were going to tack, not worth getting anything else out, I just wanted to go direct route, as I was on the helm.

We went down the dreaded channel where we hit the rock with Andrew, I was not happy, because they have unmarked rocks here, well we managed to miss the one that Andrew hit, but found another one, I thought for one moment we were sinking, as we were balanced on top of this bl…. One, Geoff managed to get us off, but the engine had over heated, so we turned around, and drifted down the channel, then went across to the other side, and slowly but surely got into the marina. We went onto a buoy, and Geoff went and checked below, fortunately no damage.

We had a quick bite to eat, then went over to the airport to pick Andrew up, all flights are delayed due to bad weather, we know about that, still we eventually met up, had a beer back to the boat, then Geoff and Andrew went to pick Chris up. By this time it is 10.00pm, I am really shattered, so a quick bacon butty for the boys then I went to bed. Everyone did as it was 3am in
England. I am glad today is over.

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