Ships Log – Saturday May 1st 2010 – Josh Van Dyke

I had a bad night last night, I crashed out early, and then I woke in the middle of the night, the music from Foxy’s was still playing, so I made myself a cuppa, and sat on deck till1.30am, it was lovely and peaceful, with what looked like a full moon, hence I did not get up very early this morning. I still feel a bit rough so we missed out on a swim as well.

Today was a working day, I made all the beds (crew come tomorrow) cleared out Geoff’s stuff from the forward cabin, had to make room in ours, so I packed my case ready for the off on Tuesday. As you can imagine space is limited, so I have been trying to sort things out. Geoff cleaned the forward cabins looe, and ours, mending things as he went. We ran the generator for an hour, and she worked a treat, so that is good.

We then went for a swim, as we were both very hot and sticky, noodles only, no snorkeling, my ears feel a bit better, but do not want to risk anything.

Just for a change we had bacon sandwiches, they were lovely, but the bacon here is all streaky, mainly fatty, and so not as nice as ours.

Geoff had a siesta, then we went for another noodle swim, it is so lovely in the water, although the current is quite strong. We bobbed around the boat, watching the fish jumping, and the pelicans diving, not sure what was chasing the fish, but they looked quite big.

We then had showers, aperitifs on deck, before we went to Foxy’s, we are celebrating Geoff’s birthday early (15th ) they had a guitar player there who was very good, you have to experience this place, its brilliant. They have t/shirts hanging up from all over the world; apparently New Years Eve is the third most popular destination to be in the world. Barb-b-cue was the menu tonight, we had spare ribs, chicken, and fish, with the salad, or veg, it was lovely, they give you two plates, so food was plentiful, and we certainly had enough, washed down with a bottle of Sancerre.

We dinghy back, then went skinny dipping, it is our last night together, on our own, what a way to go, we get back on board, and we played one round of crib, which I lost, no surprise there!

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