Ships Log – Friday 30th April 2010 – Crown Bay Marina – US Virgin Isl – JoshVanDyke Bvi’s

Well our intentions were good, we were up early, we filled the tanks with water, whilst having breakfast, Geoff called the office, and they came and checked our meters etc., Geoff went and paid, then we started talking to next door, and we never got away until 10.00am, oh well, what does it matter.

First stop Soper’s Hole, Customs to book in, I went to the supermarket, and all the way the wind was on the nose, we were wondering where to go, if to stay in Leimester Bay for one night, or go straight to Josh Van Dyke, we were always going to come here for our last night, but we made two instead. We arrived about 4pm, we did put the staysail out, but it was still 40 degrees to the wind. Maybe we will get a sail when we leave here on Sunday.

We anchored ok, and then went for a swim, I was banned any snorkeling, so we had the noodles out, and bounced around the boat, it was lovely and warm.

I then cooked steaks they were lovely, with salad, followed by grapes, mind you we did have a bottle of wine, but then it is Friday.

Sadly the pills kicked in, and I fell asleep on deck, hopefully I will feel better in the morning.

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