Ships Log – Thursday 29th April 2010 – Crown Bay Marina

Took a sleeping tablet last night, so bit drowsy this morning, but still feel rough, my throat and ears are hurting, think I might have an infection. We had breakfast, then the engineer came back to fix our generator, but sadly he couldn’t, so that was a waste of time and effort staying here.

We went up to the supermarket, to get some shopping for the next few days, then called into the chemist, I was hoping to get some anti-biotic, but no chance, without a prescription, I told the chemist I was flying out, so he gave me some stuff to clear the airways, we will have to wait and see.

Back to the boat with all the shopping, and unloaded everything, then we went into town to book ourselves out of America, we have had a lovely time here, we have been here since 8/3, which is quite a long time, we have been to other Islands, and we did sneak back to the Bvi’s without booking in. Anyway back to the Bvi’s tomorrow, we are having a couple of days in Josh Van Dyke, then Sunday we will pick up the crew, getting closer.

Geoff having trouble getting internet today, and being very grumpy, good job I cannot hear a lot!

We are having a quiet night tonight, an early night is called for, and hopefully I will feel better in the morning.

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