Ships Log – Wednesday 28th April 2010 – Crown Bay Marina, St.Thomas

Up early as we are expecting the engineer to look at the wind generator, so we waited and waited, he just did not turn up, shouldn’t have paid him for the other job yesterday, how annoying is that. We had breakfast, then we washed down the deck, Geoff scrubbed whilst I held the hosepipe and the fairy liquid. I then finished the polishing, and did the chrome, the boat is immaculate now. Geoff put the generator away, and tidied up the bits left out from yesterday, he mended one of the safety torches, another one to go. All in all a good day for jobs, we are both really disappointed that the guy didn’t come back.

Gullible Girt Mum used to call me, and she is right, I still trust people to do as they say they will. We have a lovely couple come in next door to us, they are putting the boat on a ship to take it back to England, it is costing 19,000$ that is why Geoff is sailing it back.

We had our dinner, roast chicken tonight, then we played crib, Geoff beat me 2-1, it was because I am off colour with sore throat and ear ache, nothing to do with awful cards.

Had a shower, and then went to bed early, I am shattered tonight.

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