Ships Log – Tuesday 27th April 2010 – Crown Bay Marina

No swim this morning, I really miss it, still hopefully we will not be here long. We had our breakfast, then I started a tidy up, we seem to be in a mess again. Whilst doing this, I heard Vincent call, which was music to our ears, he looked at the generator, and said he could probably do something. The engine mounts were broken, which had dislodged the governors, something like that anyway. Vincent went back to his workshop and came along with four jet ski mounts, to see if they would do, they fitted perfectly, we only needed two in the end, after they had been fitted, we started up the generator, but we still had the same problem, it would not go to 220volts, so Vincent adjusted the governors, and yippee, it seems to work again, so fingers crossed that it will last another three weeks whilst they are crossing the pond. Vince then started looking at the wind generator; we might as well see if that can produce some output, at present it does not seem to do anything. He ran out of time; as he was due to see someone else at 1.30, so he is back in the morning.

We had beef chunks out of a tin, with mashed potatoes and vegetables, just wanted to see what was in the cans before we bought some more, the meat is very tasty, if a little frugal, but mixed with onions, and mushrooms, it will be good.

After lunch I did some more polishing, Geoff had scrubbed the deck for me, so everywhere is beginning to look good.

We had some more of Geoff’s chocolate fudge cake; it is very nice, but very sickly, even for me, nice with afternoon tea though.

Vincent popped back to say he would be with us at 8am tomorrow, so that is good, we than just did nothing for the rest of the day. I did my Sudoku, and Geoff was watching Sharpe.

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