Ships Log – 26th April 2010 – Brewer’s Bay – Crown Bay Marina

Up early as usual, and swimming with the turtles, this time we saw them all, Daddy Turtle with the two fish on his back, then Mummy with one fish, then lots of babies, they were all there today, to say good bye to us, anyway, that is how it looked. Geoff tried to count the fish he got 448.442, I said there was more like 900, 00 so we have a slight difference of opinion, but let’s just say there were a lot to be seen. They were all on parade today, ready to say good bye to us, Geoff saw the stingrays which I didn’t but we both enjoyed our last snorkel in the bay.

Back to the boat, toast with the homemade bread from Geoff, which was lovely, but fattening, we then tidied up, and left, for Crown Bay in the hope of seeing Vince to fix the generator.

We arrived at midday, eventually got into the berth with Geoff getting very cross that he could not get back with the wind how it was, but we made it in the end, and tied up securely to the berth. We then phoned Vince in the hope that he would call today, and I started polishing the top side of the boat, Geoff did the cockpit. We waited and waited but Vince never turned up.

We had T/bone steaks for dinner, they were lovely, with salad, and a bottle of red wine, and I know it is not the week-end but sometimes you have to break the rules. Let’s hope tomorrow Vince turns up.

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