Fabulous last two days

Tuesday 5th March 2024

Nothing happened today other than lounging, sun bathing, remotely exercising the dogs and some alcohol interspersed with food😂😂😂

Wednesday 6th March 2024

Views on walk


This morning Martin has meetings, after which we are all heading to the Mandala Beach Bar, the restaurant at the Mandala beach, in Benissa, in fact right on the edge of the beach who also specialise in fish dishes, naturally!!!   So whilst Martin has his conference call, Christine wanted to do her walk one last time so I dropped her off and headed to the car park where the walk ended, and waited.  Settling down for a 45-minute wait, I watched tv on my phone but to my surprise and delight, the 45-minute walk only lasted about 25-minutes.  Christine had no knowledge why it was so quick but at least we saved time so headed back to the bike shop for a coffee and a cake.   The good news is, they had topped up their stock of Soberano😁😁

Olive and orange trees en-route

Arriving back at the villa just as Martin was finishing his business call; good timing or what?

The bay we are having lunch

A quick wash and brush-up and we were off.   When we booked we enquired if we could bring the dogs, no problem so they jumped into Martin’s car as well.

Lovely sunny day

We had been here before and Christine was adamant she wanted to go back, so here we are again, and everything looks just the same in fact we could well have been at the same table!!    A good job we booked as they were very busy as it was such a nice, warm day and all their tables faced the sun and overlooked the beach.

Last time we were here we enjoyed tapas, but today we decided we’d go further and have a full meal, good decision, and as expected the food was fabulous and enjoyed all the more because the white wine we chose was unusually good, too “moooor-ish” in fact, and we weren’t satisfied with just one bottle!!!

Be careful Martin you might get wet!

Sitting at the table enjoying ambience, watching the world go by enjoying our drinks brought back a lot of memories about our time in Spain, and though they were very good, we made the right decision to come back, though we will return for more visits in the future.

Oops soaking wet!

After lunch Christine and Martin went for a walk.  At the end of the beach one can walk around the cliff climbing over the rocks, so off they went.   They returned about 20-minutes later, Martin was dripping wet whilst Christine was bone dry so after a hearty laugh I was amazed.  Apparently they were both stood on the same rock, on the waters edge, close to each other when a wave broke, Martin cop’d the lot!!!

Fabulous bay, lovely food, good way to end our trip in Spain

After an uneventful drive home we decided to start the car packing process as tomorrow we leave and we don’t want to have to do everything in the morning.  

After such a big meal earlier, no one was hungry so just settled down and watched some tv.

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