Lunch in Campoverde

Wednesday 28th February 2024

At yesterdays coffee morning and amongst various topics chatted about, Rodney mentioned he’d bought himself a small framed e bike, something I am now considering for mobility when away with Rosie as scooters with seats are out of the question.  The upshot is I’ve been invited round to their house and “have-a-go” this morning.

Rita and Geoff

As agreed we turned up and Rita wheeled out the e bike, very smart and looked just perfect, small frame but normal’ish size wheels, and it also folded in half to fit into a car boot.   Now I must say at this point Christine had been adamant from the start it wouldn’t work for me so I was determined to “have-a-go”.  After a demonstration with Rita riding “Rodney’s” bike, it was my turn.   Getting on was fine, the electric motor kicked in but unfortunately I still need to pedal, albeit lightly, but pedal nevertheless.  I think Christine’s concerns were more about me falling off but my problem was with the restriction I have with my bad knee, I couldn’t get the crank round 360 degrees, my knee wouldn’t bend enough to complete this manoeuvre.   All I can say; thank goodness I didn’t rush out and buy one!!!!!   

With my practice session being abruptly curtailed, there was enough time for a coffee “re-match” before we had to go our separate ways,   Again the time flew and you’d never had thought we had been together yesterday morning!!!

Next we are meeting up with Frank and Sue for lunch, but after much discussion on where to go, and too many reasons not to go here, or there etc., we’re heading to Juanita’s in the village.  Non of us had Juanita’s as our first choice, nor our second either, but at last we had a consensus!!!!    Our plan was for a “menu del dia” but after settling down with some wine, a unanimous decision was made, “off menu” today!!!    Bottom line, we had a great time, lots of ribbing and laughs and to be fair, our food was excellent, no doubt helped by a couple of bottles of wine and Soberanos to follow.  

Sue Frank and Geoff enjoying drinks before lunch

By mid afternoon we went our own ways, our way was to visit Shirley and Peter. I had seen them at quiz on Tuesday but with the noise and excitement (or otherwise!!!!) it was difficult to talk, hence this visit, but first a quick detour to drop off Tom-Tom and Rosie off.    It was marvellous to see how far Shirley has progressed since her stroke, we all enjoyed a successful conversation whilst participating in a few more “drinky-poos”.   What we hadn’t known about was that Peter had very recently had a hip replacement, and was getting over that, still he was very adept with his walking stick!!!  Though it was only a brief visit, it was a really good to see them again.

Back home, and with tonight being our last night in Calle Acebo, we had a thorough tidy-up before packing the car with most things before we collapsed in front of the TV after a really nice day and thoroughly over indulging!!!!!   Oh yes, in between each activity we had to take the dogs to the Campoverde doggy park, can’t expect them to sit quietly all day without exercise, after all they are a couple of delinquent Cocker Spaniels!!!

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