A visit from Pat and Gail.

Monday 26th February 2024

This morning we woke up to very grey skies that looked full of rain; we’ve experienced enough of these clouds in the last 12-months to recognise that!!!

Today we have Pat Hardy and Gale coming round for coffee so I “shot” off to the Panaderia on solo to get some cakes, unfortunately it started to rain so waited there ‘till it stopped.   Obviously when I returned they were all waiting for their cakes!!!   A very pleasant “catch-up” morning was had by all.

Pat and daughter Gail, thankyou for the grapefruit they were delicious

Having said our goodbyes, we headed down to Lucia’s, we are meeting Paul Butterworth for a lunch; it’s all go this week!!!, and hopefully there will be minimal interruptions and we can have a really good catch-up.   Paul being such a popular fellow in Campoverde, known by many, he is always being stopped for a chat.

After a very pleasant menu del dia, all for €8, including a glass of wine, we went our own ways.   We were heading down to Pilar de La Horadada to a motorbike shop that “used” to sell electric scooters with a seat.   Our issue is when we are out and about in Rosie 2 (motorhome) and parked a little way from town, they would be an ideal mode of transport,   not too much of an issue in U.K. as we generally take our car with us, but on the continent we’re on our own!!!   Our good idea was doomed, we knew they are illegal on the public highways in the U.K. but shock, horror, they are now illegal in Spain so the shop stopped selling them!!!!!   Unconvinced we went to a second “sellers of bikes” only to hear the same, they are illegal in Spain😡😡😡😡.  Back to the drawing board🤔🤔🤔🤔.

Loving the water again

Naturally our time management had allowed for road test scooters etc., but now we were ahead so down to the beach in the Lo Pagan salinas to give the dogs a good time and for us to get over our disappointment.

Back home for a light dinner, tv and bed. 

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