Ships Log – Thursday 11th March 2010 – St. Thomas – St. Croix

Up early getting ready to leave, everything ship shape, we need to get some fuel and water, so we took the anchor up, and motored over to the fuel dock, we arrived too early and caused mayhem at the dock, another boat was booked on at 8am, and they were getting very stressed that we were in there way, when they asked us nicely we moved, but before that the other skipper was bellowing and moaning for us being there. The manager of the marina, came over and asked us nicely if we would move, so we did, no problem, but the skipper was so arrogant before, then he became all smarmy and horrible, what is the point, life is too short.

We left the fuel deck about 9.45am, and we pulled out of the bay, around two huge cruise ships, then out into open seas, we had discussions about which sails to use, I said we would put the jib out, and see how we got on, we then set the main sail, all the sails 7.5 knots, wind was gradually getting up, so suggested we took some main in, which we did, half main full jib, we were still doing a constant 7 knots. Ahead we could see a squall, so we decided to take some jib in as well, so ¾ jib, ½ main, we were still achieving 7 knots, but now the rains had come, and the seas were very rough, the seas were about 6ft – 7ft, hitting us occasionally, only Brian and I left on deck everyone had abandoned us, with sails reefed, we were still doing 7.3knots, the rains came even heavier, we were soaked to the skin, and getting colder, only ten miles to go, and it looked as if it was going to get brighter. Meanwhile down below, Geoff was struggling in the galley, trying to do frankfurters with onions in a roll, and they were lovely, although Brian and Robina declined, not sure they were feeling that special.

We arrived about 3.30pm, and meandered our way around the channel, eventually coming to a marina, we have decided it is too windy and wet for anchoring, luxury. I went straight down below and had a shower to get out of my wet gear.

We tidied up and Brian and Robina went for a walk, Jeff went for a row, and we started dinner. Then the heavens really opened, it rained and rained, so hard, we had to close everything, even the washboards were in, it lasted about 1hr, it was seriously bad rain, never had it so bad.

We ate our dinner down below, roast chicken and all the trimmings, then we just relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Early night as we were all shattered.

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