Ships Log – Friday 12th March 2010 – St.Croix Marina

Up early Geoff went to collect the car from the garage, I prepared breakfast, and we all had grapefruit and porridge.

We left around 10.00am and set off with the normal tourist guide as navigation, this time it was a bit trickier, as the Island was bigger, and Brian could not follow where we were. We were planning to go along the North coast, but we ended up in the South, so back we went, eventually we were back on the North coast and headed for Salt River Bay, this is where Christopher Columbus supposedly arrived in the USA. It was a very pretty place, with lots of yachts tucked away in the river.

Geoff was desperate for a coffee, which we could not find anywhere, so we headed west, eventually coming out to this isolated place, where we got some drinks, and Wi-Fi.

We did the normal thing, and went into a private beach club, where Geoff asked if we could get a drink there, we did not want one, we just wanted to be nosy, not as nice as the one we went on St.Maartins, we did get out and walk around, but not sunny enough to have a swim.

Heading west we decided to go to the Rainforest, just as we started going, we found this unique place where you can feed pigs a tin of beer, they would open it and drink it, then spit the can out. Outside was a memorial to Buster, the first pig he apparently died of alcoholic poisoning, they now give the pigs alcohol free beer, although it was funny to watch, not sure I approved. Beside this spectacle, which you pay 1$ to see and 2$ for a can of beer they had a very dark bar, where we had a drink, and a roti, as Brian and Robina had never tried them.

Leaving the pigs behind, we went through the rainforest and on to Frederiksted, which is the second largest town, I was not terribly impressed, it was very run down, with lots of places needing TLC. We then went to the Whim Estate, it was now 4.15pm, and they had closed for business at 4pm, we decided to walk around, no one stopped us, and it was very interesting, it was an old sugarcane plantation, with the wind-mill, and furnaces, it was a shame we had missed the guide, because we would have enjoyed that.

We then went onto the Botanical Gardens that also were closing in 15 minutes but she would not let us in, but we looked through the hedge, and decided we probably had saved ourselves some money there.

We travelled along the south coast passing the second or third largest Oil refinery in the world, which is amazing for such a small Island, petrol is under 3$ a gallon.

We then went east to Point Udall, which is the furthest point east of the whole of USA territories; they had a millennium monument there.

Well what a day we had, very interesting, it is a lovely Island, and I am glad we took the 70 mile round trip to get here by sea. The Island is clean, tidy, and definitely not poor like some of the Caribbean Islands.

Back to the boat for dinner, a mix of pizza, and left over lasagna, quick and easy very nice it was.

Then Geoff reminded Robina how to play crib, and we played doubles, Brian and I won 2 -1, it was funny at the end, because it was down to the last few points, and Robina was very quick to take her points, and jubilant that they were home, then Brian said, should I have not gone first, dejected Geoff thought about it, and realized that we had won and not them, hard luck you two, better luck tomorrow.

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