Ships Log – Saturday 13th March 2010 – St.Croix – St.John’s Avi’s

Geoff went off to return the car, Brian went to pay the Marina, whilst Jeff and I prepared for going to sea, we then had breakfast, and set off back to St.John’s, it looked like it was going to be a better day, hopefully.

We slipped away quietly, no fuss, out into the twisty channel, then headed back to the other Islands, St.Croix is out on a limb, and not many people go to see them, they made us very welcome, and I glad we made the effort to go there.

We soon had all the sails up, and a very nice sail was had, it was a bit wallowy, the waves were about 6’, but we managed average of about 6.5knots, which was not bad, the sun was shining, not a rain cloud in sight which was good. We left at 10.00am, and arrived about 3.30pm, it took longer, as the wind was not so strong, but we all enjoyed it. Geoff cooked lunch on route again, which we all enjoyed accept Brian; he was feeling a bit queasy.

We are in a lovely quiet bay, with not many boats, Geoff took Brian and Robina ashore, as they wanted a walk, Jeff went for a snorkel, and saw a turtle, I did some ironing, and cooked dinner, then quickly went for a swim with Geoff.

We had dinner, and then played a game of crib, Robina had said she would get her revenge, which she did; they won 2-0 so now all is square. Mind you Brian was still feeling poorly, but we did not use that as an excuse for being beaten!

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