Ships Log – Sunday 14th March 2010 – Coral Bay, St.John’s – The Bight Norman Island

Back to doing our eight swims around the boat, we were in a lovely clean quiet bay, and it was so refreshing, we all went in.

Everyone wanted toast this morning, so we put the generator on for a little while, we were all sitting down having our breakfast when up came an American asking how long we were stopping, Geoff said we were going today, his response was, good, otherwise we would be moving. The generator is loud! We were going to switch it off anyway, as we did not want to sit and eat with it on, but we did have a laugh about it ‘the noisy brits’.

After breakfast we motored to the ‘Indians’ only 2 miles, but when we got there we could not get near them, as all the buoys were taken, and no one seemed to want to move, so we went straight for Norman Island, picked up a buoy and jumped in for a swim, it is very hot today.

We had a pizza for lunch, and then went for a walk to the top of the Island, beautiful views; I found a helicopter pad, where apparently the rich people fly in to catch up with their boats! Took some pictures, and then walked down to have a drink and another swim. Later Jeff joined us, when I told him they had Wi-Fi, he went back to the boat to collect our computers, so we could say hello to the world. Geoff wanted to know who won the grand prix so he was pleased as he could read the report on it.

Back to the boat, and off to Willy T’s, it was crowded noisy, and had lots of people who were drunk on board, we queued for a drink, then queued for food, only to be told we would have to wait if we did not have a reservation, so we decided to go. We went over to the bar on the beach, we had to wait there, but it was not quite so noisy, but they did have a live band. We all had ribs which were lovely, but we had to wait till about 9pm for them 1.1/2 hours which was a bit tedious, I had no food on board, otherwise we could have cooked something.

We then went back to the boat, played one game of crib, and went to bed as we were all tired.

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