Ships Log – Monday 15th March 2010 – Norman Island – Virgin Gourda

Up early and away, we wanted to get to the ‘Indians’ and snorkel before anyone else, that was a joke! It was packed, so instead of anchoring a long way away, we just kept the engine ticking over, and everyone went for a swim. Geoff and I did not bother to go over we just swam round the boat, but apparently it was a good day to see the fish.

We then moved onto ‘The Baths’ on Virgin Gourda, it took us a couple of hours to get up there, 11 miles, on the nose, not that there was any wind anyway. We had breakfast on route, and it is going to be a very hot day there are lots of Sunsail and Mooring boats out, so you have to watch out, they don’t care what they do, or where they go. We arrived at ‘The Bath’s’ just in time to see someone drop their buoy, it was a diver’s buoy, and we should not use it really, but it did not seem to bother Geoff, so we did.

We took the dinghy to the place where we could leave them, and then had to swim ashore, then we watched other people being dropped off, and then parking the dinghy, oh well a bit more exercise won’t hurt.

We meandered around the stones, they are magnificent, took loads of photos, hope they come out, Brian and Geoff went one way, and we went the other, and met up at the end. Apparently Geoff was concentrating so much on where he was walking, he walked into a tree, and bruised his nose, and he saw stars for a while. Robina and I climbed up and down, through tunnels, it was brilliant.

Eventually we came out on to the beach, which was a superb bay, surrounded by these big granite rocks, we went for a swim, then Robina and Brian went off for a walk, and we decided to go back a different way, the walk was up and down the hills, with boulders everywhere, loads of different cacti, we saw a snake, lizards, chicken with baby chicks, lots of butterflies and birds, it was brilliant.

We came back to the beach, and decided we needed a drink, and some food, whilst waiting for the others, eventually we all met up, then back to the boat.

Geoff and I decided to get the dinghy and bring it in shore, well you have never seen anything so funny as two old codgers, trying to get into the dinghy in deep water without any rope or steps, eventually I used the engine, stepped on the edge of it, and with a shove from Geoff I was in. I then had to pull him in, which I did, but not before he nearly had me back in the water, we need to get that organized. We went ashore, picked up Robina and Brian, then back to the boat, I took a fender of the boat, and started practicing how to get in, and I think we have sorted it now.

Geoff, Robina, and Brian went ashore to do the shopping, whilst Jeff and I stayed on boat, Jeff started the generator, and I did my ironing and some washing, when we turned the Generator off there was a big cheer from the next boat, but they were very nice about it. We have the exhaust going outwards, so it is not so noisy on the boat, Geoff is going to box it in when we are on our own.

Shopping unloaded, Geoff got dinner, meatballs in tomatoes sauce, very nice, then we played crib, and Brian and I won 2 – 0, Robina wanted to have another go, but I decided it was my bed time.

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