Ships Log – Tuesday 16th March 2010 – Virgin Gouda – Beef Island

First thing we had a swim, the water was the clearest we have seen it yet, we were in 6 metres of water and you could clearly see the bottom, it was fantastic. We swam out to one of the buoys, saw loads of little fish on route, also a boat hook.

After breakfast Robina and Brian went into town to get some last minute stuff, then we set off for Prickly Bear Island, hoping to see the sugar birds, but either things have changed, and the guy has sold up, or it is the wrong Island, we will have to do some homework. We dropped anchor had some lunch, Geoff had a swim, and then we moved on to Trellis Bay Beef Island.

No wind, no sailing, and very very hot, gradually as the day went on we had some breeze but not enough to do sailing.

Entering Trellis Bay and onto a buoy, which we did in our normal style first time, we are getting experts now, then a quick cuppa before everyone goes ashore.

I stayed behind to make dinner, and do some odd jobs.

Geoff said nothing has changed, it is still very quaint, and not a lot going on.

We had some dinner, then a game of cards, which Brian and I won 2-1, Geoff dropped a card, we could not find it anywhere, and it is still missing now, very strange!

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