Ships Log – Wednesday 17th March 2010 – Trellis Bay Tortola – Soper’s Hole Tortola

Up early, eight times swimming round the boat, it certainly a lovely way to start the day.

After breakfast Geoff took Brian, Robina, and Jeff into shore, so that they could do internet, and various different jobs, I stayed on board, and got it from the boat, made lots of calls, it is good to catch up.

As soon as everyone was back we were away, we found the rock that we hit last year, still unmarked, so we avoided that one, we were going to see if we could find our little deserted Island ‘Sandy Cay’, we have always enjoyed that spot.

Andrew and Lilo have always taken us there, so we headed up for where we thought it was, and I realized quite quickly that it was too big, so Geoff went back to the chart to see what else we could see, we found a ‘Sandy Spit’ so headed for that, and yes that was it, put the anchor down, and got ready.

I asked Jeff if he was swimming, which he was, so I decided to go with him, Geoff bought the dinghy in with Robina and Brian. We took five minutes out to walk round the Island, then Geoff and I had a swim, then we decided to launch the dinghy, not such an easy task.

A guy was helping, and Geoff tried to secure the anchor further out, with the idea of jumping in, but the surf was high, and the dinghy had a mind of its own, Brian tried to help, but they could not get it out of the surf, eventually Jeff and Geoff, got hold of it, and pulled it round the corner, away from the rocks. Jeff found the anchor which had been lost, and things calmed down a bit. Geoff jumped into the dinghy, Jeff anchored it, and then Robina was trying to get in it, in the end Jeff jumped dinghy and physically pulled her up, Brian jumped in, and they motored back to the boat exhausted. Jeff and I had decided to swim back, when we got back I looked on the chart plotter, and I had swam .28 of a nautical mile each way, so over half a mile, I was very pleased with that, as I felt quite fit.

After lunch which Geoff made omelet’s, which were lovely, we were going to Josh Van Dyke, but we had a change of plan and went to Soper’s Hole, Robina and Brian want to see Tortola, so that will give them more time.

We were back on the same buoy which is handy for the shore, Jeff took Robina and Brian in, whilst I prepared dinner, and Geoff looked at his emails. Martin has finally said No to doing the Atlantic, it is a shame, but then at least we know we have good back up on shore, he was brilliant on the way over, sorting out Geoff’s little problems, so now we have to find another crew member. Not sure if Jeff will come with us, as he is talking to someone else at present with a view of going with them, so Geoff will be busy on computers tomorrow.

Everyone arrived back just in time for dinner, Spaghetti Bolognese, and salad, we had a bottle of wine, and then I had early night, my exercise in the day had got the better of me. I left Geoff and Jeff busy on the computers.

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