Ships Log – Thursday 18th March 2010 – Soper’s Hole Tortola

Robina and Brian were up dressed and out before we realized this morning, apparently they had decided to catch the 8am bus and go into town, and Jeff was up so took them by dinghy to shore.

Geoff fancied cooked breakfast so he went in later and bought some food, and I then cooked it, the first one we have had since I arrived.

We used the day catching up with jobs, the tray in our en-suite was broken so Geoff started work on that, he also cleaned it out, he has only been able to do a temporary job, it will go into the workshop when we get home. The bathroom is now pristine, so that’s good.

I caught up with the washing ironing and hovering, we had the generator on for several spells today, but it did not seem to worry the surrounding boats, so that was good. Jeff also did his washing, spent loads of time on the internet, and fixed something in the engine room, not sure what.

I prepared and cooked a roast dinner, with a little bit of help from Geoff, then everyone came back, we ate our dinner, played cards, this time it was Geoff and I against Robina and Brian, we won by 2-1, then bed

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