Ships Log – Wednesday 10th March 2010 – St. Thomas’s Bay

Happy Birthday Norm, hope you had a good one.

We were up early, doing odd jobs, before the new inmates arrive, we cleaned bathrooms, and general hovering up, then off to the internet.

We sent the usual logs, then we waited for Brian and Robina to arrive, we sat and had a beer, until they turned up, then we had lunch at the Fat Turtle, steak sandwich, with peppers, onions, and chips it was lovely.

Geoff took everyone back to the boat, whilst I went to the supermarket; we have decided to go to St.Croix tomorrow, so we need some provisions. Geoff came and picked me up, and we dropped the shopping off, before walking around town, it is a lovely place, with lots of small alleyways, and interesting shops, including lots of diamond jewelers, which I was not allowed in. We had an ice-cream, watched the sea-plane come in and out, then back to the dinghy, and to the boat.

For dinner we had a Geoff’s special, lasagna, and it was lovely, we had a bottle of wine, and then took and early night, as everyone was tired.

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