Ships Log – Tuesday 9th March 2010 – St.Thomas’s

Generator on early, to make toast, we are gradually testing all electrical appliances, to see if they work, yes that seems ok, switch the thing of though I want breakfast in peace.

After breakfast Geoff and I went into the Marina, to see if we could get internet, and to do Customs, that was fun. We went to the office to find they only open certain times; so we would have to come back at 1pm, so we went to the supermarket, which was brilliant, the first one we have seen for a while, that you could buy most things in, including milk. So we know where to go to stock up before Geoff leaves for the big trip home, he is getting excited now, and planning various things, and is happier now we have the new generator.

Jeff stayed on board, and finished the woodwork in front and back cabins, so the head linings are back to looking good again.

We walked back with all the shopping to the Customs office, we waited and waited, but no one turned up, we then found out, that if there is no one to book in they do not come, so we have arranged to see them at 3pm. Back to boat to deliver the shopping, and then out again at 2.30pm, we did not want to miss them again. What a difference, it is booking in here, to the Bvi’s they are really friendly helpful, and they do not charge you, we will probably stay more this side then the other, need to do some exploring here anyway.

Back to the boat again, cleaned the forward cabin, made the bed, ready for Brian and Robina, cooked dinner, and then Geoff wanted to go out again, so when Jeff got back we went to the Fat Turtle for a drink, made a change, and our good weather has returned so we sat and watched the world go by.

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