ARC Europe – Monday 7th June 2010

Position @ 1200 UTC

38⁰ 39.01 N 27⁰ 13.12 W

Angra do Heroismo Marina
Terceira, The Azores

I had a lie in this morning, but apparantly Paddy woke early and left the boat around 0730 hrs, but not seen or heard by anybody! Chris and Jimbo were away around 0930 hrs and I woke up about the same time, got dressed, had some cerial and went off to the showers, way laid along the hard by a telephone conversation with Christine and bumping into other ARC sailors. The place seemed fairly deserted, I can’t think what Paddy did for those few early morning hours, come to think of it no one heard her retun last night!!!!!

Back to the boat I made myself an omelete with coffee then off to the meeting point for the walking tour of this beautifull city. It is easy to know why it is classified as a UNESCO world heritage site. A most facinating tour and being interested in History, was gob smacked about how little I really know. There is so much outside British History yet it passes us by but actually these Islands, though not mentioned in British History, have contributed if not directly,indirectly with our wealth in the 15th 16th and 17th centuries;not tomention we had an air base here during the war to help us overcome the U boat threat!

One interesting snippet is their emblemhas 2 bulls on it. Apparently back in the 16th Century these Islands and Portugal all belonged to Spain; but this Island held out, and tried to remain Portuguise. So, the Spanish sent an army over to quash the rebellion and the loicals not being an army used another weapon. This island supported many wild bulls over the years and they were large in numbersso the morning the Spanish were landing, the locals drove these bulls straightr into the Spanish army. Well chaos reinged and apparently 500 Spaniards were killed and the army turned back! Hence the bulls on their emblem and they have bull fiestas

Nexton the agenda, we made our way accross town to watch the traditional bull running fiesta in the streets. The locals all turn out to see the specticle, the youngsters are ready with red capes and brollies hoping they are the ones to be chasedand as soon a the first bull appears most people jumpon walls and imnto gardens. All along the street low walls are uilt up and wodden structures appeared to protect people,it was a great eveningf. There were thecustomary “buirger” type vans and several ones selling Beer and Wine.

4 bulls were sent into he street, one at a time. The first was a bit of a whimp, not too interested and wanted to go home, but they got worse. No 3 was so strong and quick he actuall jumped/charged the wooden fence and ended up in someone’s garden, very exciting.Oh yes,”Health and Safety” Joke, Joke! But,none the less it was a great specticle and worth going.

It was at the bull running that I first met upwith Chris and Jimbo. They had spent their day in one bar or another, feeding themselves when appropriate. Shame as they only stayed for the first 2 bulls, the last 2 were the best!

Lyall is kipping down on our boat for the night butnor expected back too early.Chris and Jimbo in bed for 2230,I amoff now but Paddy is still out partyinmg, willshe be back tonight?

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