ARC Europe – Tuesday 8th June 2010

Position @ 1200 UTC

38⁰ 39.01 N 27⁰ 13.12 W

Angra do Heroismo Marina
Terceira, The Azores

Last day here today, we leave around 1700hrs to our final destination in the Azores, Ponta Delgada, on the Island of San Miguel, then we head for Portugal leaving on Saturday 12th June at mid day.

Back to today, we pluged in to shore power to get our batterys fully charged,filled our water tanks and get the boat ready for sailing. We then did our own thing such as aload of washing,showers and internet. Chris also wanted some quiet time to plot our route, straight over as far as I can see!

We then met up for a menu del dia. I then had to collect my washing Chris and Jimbo went back to the boat and had naps and Paddy went back to the internet. We were all back on board for 1600 hrs ready to slip the lines around 1700 hrs. Lyall and Rob (the ARC people) helped us, one by one, as getting off the pontoons with a nasty wind pushing us back on was tricky. Any way we wer 4th off at 1655hrs.

Out of the main harbour and in the lee of the big hill, we set up the main, fully, but with the reefing lock on ready. How this works is simple, pull the main right out, move the locking pini nto place on the mast and each time you furl in some of the main sail, it cannot come back out. The down side, and there always is, you need to go back up to the mast and remove the pin if you want to release more sail!

Once away from the Island of Terrceira, flying full main and full jib, we started to get caught in a sort of vortex, probably something to do with too much wind trying to get past the Islands, I was up at the mast furling in the main, Chris was on th helm and Jimbo was furling in the jib when wew were hit with a gust of 35 knots, The boomwhich was still held out on its preventer, dug well into he water, I was hanging onto the mast, Chris was fighting the helm and for a few moments it seemed anything could have happened, but no, Anam Cara did her stuff with pride.

With night fall coming on we decided to keep the reefs in, but after an hour of discomfort, wallowing frim side to side and not being able to stay on the bed, let alone sleep! I went up and we brought in the main and let out the jib, the result, more comfort for those trying to sleep . We have also rigged the preventer on the Starboard side as at some point in the night we will have to Jibe. still thats for the next watch, I hope!

I am off ’till 0600 hrs

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