ARC Europe – Sunday 6th June 2010

A Day sail to Terceira,70 Nautical Miles

Slippped our lines at Horta marina a little after 0515 am heading for the Island of Terceira. The Azores reminds me of a very much smaller version of the “Isles of Scilly” I would like to come back and visit when There is more time available,

the first 30 miles we were in the lee of the wind,motoring between t2 very big islands but eventyully we were clear and out came Main and jib, off went the engine and we were sailing. Very peaceful,sun out 25knots of wind so not travelling very quickly but cold.We were wrapped up warmly.

It was SWunday today but unfortunatly we have run out of Sherry socouldn’t haveour normal glass before Sunday lunch,and I was unable to buy some in Horta, so had to make do with white wine! We had a quest for our Sunday ritual, Jim, off Kir of Brixham. Kir of Brixham for a numberof reasons was heading straight tothe UK but Jimbo hada flight back to Canada from St Migual,(the Island we leave the azores from). Andrew on the other hand had a flight back to the UKI from Horta tomorrow,sothat is why Andrew and Jimbo “jumped” ships! Paddy cooked us Loin of Port medalions, unusal potatoes and salad, washed down with yet another bottle of red from the Argentine, we must be coming to the end of this wine by now, but no, it still keeps coming! Christine stored it in the most unusal places!

Thisis not he end either, Jimbo has been introduced to not only a Sunday ritual, but to follow we had “James Bond” in the film “The Living Day Lights”, the first made with Timothy Dalton as James Bond. Chris on the other hand decided ot take to he afternoons air ands stayed in the cockpit.

The afternoon Bond and sailinhg was very enjoyable and apart from the local fishrman, had an un eventfukl passage to our new destination.

Pulledinto the Marina at about 1730hrs and onto the fueldock and re-filled our tanks. 400 litres later we were onour 8way to berthing stern to and alongside a finger pontoon. Reversing in a litle tricky as the wind was pushing us hard against he portside pontoon, still no misshaps and in first go!

Once we were secued we were tole happy hour was on “Berkley East” so three of us walked accross to them, Chris went to bed, tired

Following “happy hour” we all went accross to the Marina cafe for dinner,not being too hungry I ordered some king prawns as I noticed many of the otheres were having them as a starter. 5 arrived, very nice, washed down with some local dry white wine. Thwe shock came with the bill, 45? for 5 prawns! naturally we all queeriud our bills but no that was what they charged! They wont see me there again!

Back to the boat and in bed about 2300 hrs, looking forward to a lie in tomorrow.

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