Windsor – 24th September

Saturday 24th September 2016

Our day started with chores, Geoff checked the engine oil, weed box, and diesel, whilst I did the washing and hoovering, checked the water, and then we motored through the first lock, and onto the water point, then went to the rubbish dump.  Jobs completed we can start enjoying again.

We only had a little way to go, before we arrived in Windsor, it’s a bustling place, with boats on hire, river cruises, and lots of other craft going up and down the river.  We wanted to park near the grass, as the dogs will be with us tomorrow for the day, but the ground was higher than the boat, and the water was very shallow, so we decided to go on the rings by the bridge, not so good for getting on and off, but very good for the town.

Groceries were the first order of the day, so went looking for Waitrose, we did the tourist bit first, and meandered up to the castle, the town is very busy, with long queues to get in the castle, so we decided to go on Monday morning early.   All the best shops and restaurants are here, what a lovely Town.

Having been to shops, we bought the shopping back, before returning to the same pub as yesterday, Geoff wanted fish and chips again, so we sat in the garden and enjoyed a nice lunch. I had liver and bacon.

After lunch we went for a wander around the park and down stream, the children were feeding the ducks and swans, it was lovely to watch everything that was going on.   There were queues waiting to hire river boats, and canoes, children eating ice creams, playing on the round-abouts, and crazy golf, and like us, everyone seemed to be enjoying a lovely sunny day.

Back to the boat, we relaxed, watched Strictly, and then played crib.  What a nice day.

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