Friday 23rd September

By Geoff

Woke up at a leisurely pace on our free, but excellent morning, after a cup of tea in bed, naturally.  We both had showers before our usual skimpy breakfast: dieting is not all it is cracked to be

Christine caught up with the ironing while I looked on in wonderment at this skilful task, after which we prepared to go out.

We had decided to stay an additional night, this was going to cost us £5 (it’s only free for 1 night) payable at the local lock.  Heading towards Windsor and Eton paying the lock keeper as we passed, we did a detour via Eaton Wick looking for a pint and a ploughman’s lunch, you know how it is, if you really fancy something to eat, you will go anywhere to find it.  We did find a pub in Eton Wick but the chef was off, menu was limited and no ploughman’s, well you can no doubt sense my disappointment.

1 quick drink and we were off, heading for Eton.  We arrived in time to see, many of the boys, dressed in their white tie and tails heading to the refectory for their lunch; quite a site as we walked round to the school entrance for more pictures.

We walked down the pretty high street passing several “gentlemen outfitters” specialising in selling the correct attire for the young gentlemen that attend Eton and eventually found a pub, the George; would I get my ploughman’s I wonder.

Alas no, ploughman’s were not on the menu so I had to start believing Christine when she told me (on numerous occasions) ploughman’s was so 60’s and old fashioned.  We both settled for small portions of fish and chips and for me two pints of the local Windsor brew.

After lunch we went looking for suitable moorings as Jane is visiting us with Mia for the day whilst Dave is off climbing,  we sussed out a car park for her and a convenient mooring for us close by, so tomorrow we are off there,

Having accomplished everything we (bar a ploughman’s) had set out to do we started the trek back.  Going didn’t seem so bad, probably with the detour it was around 3 miles but coming back, about 2 1/2 miles, it seemed to go on for ever and when we did get back, my feet were throbbing, much to the amusement of Christine.

A cup of tea with a biscuit helped, followed Christine fiddling with the aerial trying to get a picture:  I am told it is not easy to get terrestrial TV in the Thames Valley.

My turn to cook tonight, “bangers & Mash”, it was OK, well I would say so!  I was going to do the maintenance today as well, checking engine oil, pipes, weed box etc, etc., but it will now get done tomorrow before we leave.   Everything had to be sorted in time tonight for the opening programme of “Strictly”   By and large the TV signal held up so managed the see the whole programme.

The weather has been excellent today, sun most of the day and generally quite warm, what’s happened???

Off to bed for another good nights sleep



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