Outskirts of Windsor – Thursday 22nd September 2016

Today is Tyla’s 19th birthday, and we had a long conversation with her, it was good to catch up with all the news.

We left Marlow, and went through the first lock, we have found a mooring place on the way back, to enable us to catch up with Liz at Bourne End, hopefully it will be free. We travelled onto Cookham lock, where we filled up with water, the washing machine has been working since we left , so good time to fill up. After Cookham we headed to Maidenhead, another lock, the houses are fantastic, I am really enjoying the Thames. One more lock, when we decided to stop, we are next door to Windsor Rowing Club.

We sat outside on the chairs, and watched the children being put through their paces in their skiffs and skulls, lovely sight.

Ideal mooring tonight, firstly it is free, last night it was £12.00, tonight will be very peaceful and idyllic.

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