All Good Things Come To An End

Monday 31st July

Though it’s not actually raining this morning, the sky looks full of it plus the forecast isn’t very good so we took the opportunity to start packing up.   But first, shock, horror, there were so many empty bottles outside from last night, we must have really enjoyed ourselves and partied hard!!!

With a fair amount of wind and everything being wet, packing up was a little problematic especially for Mark, he also had his tent to stow away!!!  We had paid for tonight so we could stop all day but looking up and knowing the forecast, this would be pointless so cleared everything after breakfast.

Mark’s convey of cars left about mid morning but we headed back to the beach for one last walk with the dogs and again we were lucky, there was a window of no rain.

Tide is out today

Back to Incledon farm to collect Rosie and then we were “homeward bound” and looking forward to our next outing; Pembrokeshire in a couple of weeks, 😃😃😃 but first we need to get the boiler sorted!!

One last cuddle before we head for home
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