A Right Rainy Day

Sunday 30th July

What a night, wind and heavy rain virtually all night, traditional holiday weather but no regrets returning from Spain.  I don’t think “global warming” has reached this country yet!!!!  Fortunately there was a rain break at 0700hrs when I took the dogs out, and another just when we went for showers, otherwise wall-to-wall rain and very heavy at times.   The good news though, with Mark’s tent being in the corner of two hedges, it was reasonably protected and he got a good night’s sleep.

After breakfast we got together and had a “pow-wow” to decide what to do today.  Naturally sitting at the top of Putsborough beach wasn’t going to happen but Mark and Ashleigh do want to get another surfing session in today, hmmm.   We eventually decided to go our separate ways and get together later for dinner in the local pub but after ringing to book, too late, all booked up.   We rang several others, same story, no room at the Inn; probably a combination of “Sunday Roasts” and “The Weather”, so Fish and Chips it is!!!

Miles and miles of sand, tide right out

Today is the Belgian Grand Prix and with such appalling weather, an afternoon in Rosie watching it seemed attractive but must walk the dogs sometime.   We settled down with a cuppa and snacks just before the start and as the cars went on their “out-lap”, the heavens opened and just as the start lights went out, so did our tele 👹👹👹. When the picture did return, our WiFi  signal was so affected by the conditions that everything was buffeting so badly that we had to switch it off 🥵🥵🥵.  Had the weather been better we would have been on the beach and not seen it anyway!!!!   So now it is plan “B”, highlights on Channel 4 at 1830hrs.    Change of plan; as there was a “lull” in the rain we headed back to Saunton Sands to give Tom-Tom and Rosie a good run around and as always, they made the most of it.    They are much better at re-call these days so we can relax a bit more, though Rosie in particular thinks everybody and every dog is her friend!!!

Puppies enjoying the dunes

Walk completed before it started to rain again; we were very lucky 😃😃, so headed back to camp; when all else fails, get the crib board out, which we did.

Around 1730hrs we got a message from Ashliegh, “we’re on our way, get the drinks ready and we have the fish ‘n chips” this was followed by their actual drinks order!!!

With the outside being rather wet but very cold, the 7 of us squeezed around Rosie’s table to eat our supper accompanied by several g&t’s; very cosy but great fun especially as we also had the three dogs trying to get in on the act!!!

Dogs being spoilt as usual

Soon after dinner Derick and Cath headed back to their abode, they wanted to get on with the “packing” as tomorrow we all head back.   Once Mark had returned, still in Rosie we continued to party having a good laugh.   

Around midnight we broke up, walked the dogs and went to bed for our last night in Devon.

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