Sheikh Zayed Mosque

imageMany days have gone by, with us doing much of the same, New Year’s Eve passed by very quietly! first time since I was a teenager! that I have not seen the New Year in, we cooked roast lamb, with all the trimmings, and we did have a drink! We played Marjon where the girls thrashed the boys, Jane won most games, with me winning the rest!image

One night we decided to go the pictures to see the new ‘Mandela’ film, we wanted to experience going to the pictures in a place where you had massive arm chairs which went into beds, plus blankets and you could eat and drink, with waiter service, it was very good, and I didn’t go to sleep either!  I enjoyed the film, but Dave was disappointed, having lived in South Africa, that it was not more factual!

On Jo’s last night, we went to the Shaikh Zayed Mosque, which apparently is one of the imagebiggest, if not the biggest in the world.  Dave and I went inside, whilst the others waited outside, they did not want to take their imageshoes off!  It was big, with huge domes, and very large lights hanging down, very spectacular, unfortunately my camera decided to pack up, so no photos inside, which is a shame!image

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