Jane is on a fitness campaign, so Dave and Jane went for a long run with the dogs, she looked shattered when they got back, so did the dogs! Dave is very fit, so he was ok.

Next they went to see Herbie, whilst we had a leisurely breakfast, and planned what we were going to do next, we have decided to go home a week early, so that we can spend sometime with our friends etc in England! we are Abu Dhabi out! There is not much to do here, unless you want to go shopping, which neither of us do!

Showered and changed, a quick lunch, we all set of for Dubai, first stop Eileen’s, where we had a superb tea of cold turkey, cheese, mince pies, trifles, fruit etc., etc it was a fantastic spread, with a couple of glasses of red wine to wash it down, shame we had to rush away.

Back into the cars, and following Eileen, we found the theatre where Chicago was on, it was massive! with two tv screens either side of the stage to enable you to see it, which was just as well, as we were in the upper circle, so could not see the stage very well. I thoroughly enjoyed the show, although both Geoff and I had seen it before, Jane was disappointed there wasn’t more dancing, but it made a change.

Jane then dropped us at our Hotel/apartment, they went back home, and we are staying for four days, just for a change.

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