Sunday 4 September 2016


IMG_1683Up bright and early, we have a lot of ground or should I say water to cover, Dave, Jane and Mia are joining us and we want to get to the bottom of Cean Hill flight ( 15 locks very close together) so that they can help us. We have travelled from Semington to the bottom of the flight, we have been through thirteen locks and two swing bridges, and I am knackered, Geoff has hurt his chest so hardly able to breath let alone work the locks, so all down to me, thought we were on holiday not a fitness regime. Our problem is we set a task to reach Newbury so that Geoff could catch the flight back, and easy access for trains, plus somewhere of interest for me to stay. Well we made it by night fall, moored up ready for the task the next day.IMG_1682
IMG_1678Jane, Dave and Mia arrived about 10pm, we managed to put the cot up, and carry Mia in, but as it was raining she woke, mind you I was pleased, she was so funny, by midnight we decided it was time for bed, and with a little persuading Mia went too, she is such a happy baby.

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