Ships Log – 1st to 31st January 2009

1/1 /2009
Andrew hired a car, and took Anna Rob and Esta, round the Island, Geoff and I had a quiet day on the beach, we came back, and started watching 24, very dodgy, it is such compulsive viewing, we managed to watch three hours worth. Everyone came back, and to bed early.

Washing day,I caught up with all my jobs, and Geoff was getting bits for the boat. Esta and Rob went ashore early to see what work they could find, and also to look for somewhere to live, they are leaving us here, we are going onto the Bvi’s, and they said they have to start looking for work. In the evening we had a farewell dinner to Esta and Rob, we have had a lovely time with them, we put the worlds to right, we will really miss them.

What a night, the music on shore was playing until, then the wind came up, so none of us have had much sleep, we were hoping to move today, but not sure now, as weather has changed, we will have to get a weather forecast. Maybe we will stay a few more days, which will mean Esta and Rob can stay too.

Well we had to delay our leaving St.Martins due to bad winds, and seas. So we decided to leave at 11.00am when the lock gates opened. Geoff was up early to clear Customs, but found we could not leave until Esther and Rob had bought air tickets. They went down to the internet and purchased their tickets, Geoff left to clear customs, Andy Anna and I took the boat through the lock, and had a lovely swim whilst waiting for Geoff to return. We all said our farewells to Esther and Rob, what a lovely couple they are, so hard working, nothing really phases them, kind considerate, and full of fun, we will miss them. We left about midday, too choppy seas, and not a lot of wind, we decided to go on engine as well, maintaining an average of 6 knots. After dusk Andy and Geoff was watching a Bond film, I stayed on watch, about 9pm, the dinghy decided to go on walk about, and broke away from one of the davit’s, Geoff and Andy hoisted and secured it. Having no chart plotter, or chart it was quite hairy coming round the gap, we could see nothing, only the waves breaking, and the depth dropping rapidly, fortunately Andrew changed course, and we headed away, just in time to see yachts anchored ahead in bay, we have arrived in the Bvi’s, we have waited for this moment for over a year, we were both very excited. No more dramas, we arrived in Virgen Gorda at 2.00am, anchored and went to bed.

Up quite early looked out to see crystal blue sea’s, we dived straight in for a swim, this is fantastic, we have arrived at our little bit of paradise. Anna and Andrew joined us for a swim. We had breakfast, Geoff, Anna and Andrew went ashore, to get some provisions. We then moved boat to the Bath’s, fantastic rock – granite, emerald swimming pools, and white sand. They have a trail which you can walk through, sometimes, you have to swim, it them came out to a bay, where you could see fish etc., I have to pinch myself, that my life is so exciting.

Up early another swim round the boat, determined to get fit again, we then travelled onto Norman Island, Geoff and I had to learn how to do the fenders, and ropes, where has Esther and Rob gone!!! we re-visited a place called Willy T’s, which is basically a bar in a bay, that sell beef-burgers etc., you used to be able to jump off the top deck, but health and safety have reached out here as well. After lunch we went to the Indian’s, which is a rock formation, where the fish are amazing, we snorkeled a bit, then decided to go to Tortola for the evening. We need gas, but cannot find anyone who sells it. We stayed on board, Andrew and Anna went ashore, they were back quite early and watched James Bond, we were in bed watching 24.

Geoff was going to go ashore to try and get gas, went to get into dinghy, it had gone, oh dear!! Has someone pinched it, or had Andrew not tied it up properly. We went to blow small dinghy up to realize the oars were in the other boat, so we looked around, and borrowed next door canoe, Andrew swam over, he went looking, and fortunately found it in the mangroves, hiding. Geoff went ashore still could not get gas, oh well, never mind. We are now on our way to Jost van Dyke. It is just as beautiful as I remember, with clear turquoise seas, and beautiful white sands, we have finally arrived, we were supposed to be here for New Year, but it was worth waiting for. Andy and Anna swam ashore, we swam round the boat, then Geoff took the dinghy whilst I swam ashore, we walked to Foxy’s along the white sands, it is so magical. Back on board we all showered with our free water, acquired at the last port, and went for a lovely meal at Foxy’s, we had swordfish, and I have to say it was very juicy and thick, and end to a lovely day. Andrew and Anna kept putting things through our cabin window, so I filled their bed with garlic, hairdryer ,phones, etc which Anna did not realize and slept with a computer all night. We did have a few drinks!!!

Up quite late, went for our morning swim, and now have set sail for a desert island. To be continued………………. Well we set sail, and began our journey to the Desert Island, cannot remember the name at present, but it is a lovely place, with a palm tree, and surrounded by white sand, and coral, fantastic swimming, Anna and Andrew swam ashore, we took the dinghy and joined them, we walked all around the Island, which took at least ten minutes, had a swim, sunbathe, then took the dinghy back to head up for Tortola. The sail was again on the nose, so we tacked up, under reef, much to Andrew’s disgust!!! It was more comfortable this way, and perfectly balanced, we relented in the end, and had the main full out. We turned between Islands, and sailed towards the airport of Tortola, suddenly there was a thud, and the boat stopped, we hit some rocks, oh dear!!! That is not what we said at the time, but everything was ok, and we moved on. I wish we had our chart plotter working!!! Mind you we were very naughty not to have done our navigation. Every changes from now!!!!

Having arrived in Trellis Bay, we anchored, had some tea, and Andrew and Anna went out for a drink, we stayed in and watched 24.

Andrew and Anna hired a car, and went round the Island, we pottered round the boat, and did some odd jobs, mainly washing and ironing, had loads to do. In the evening we went out with Andrew and Anna to the Last Resort, we played table football, had a lovely meal or Mahi Mahi, a good time was had by all.

Up early, and round the Island, which was amazing, very twisty roads, beautiful scenery, we went for a swim, then we went for lunch. After lunch Andrew hired a windsurfer, and potted round the bay, between yachts, he enjoyed it, but said he was aching. They then packed their bags and to the airport, we had a lovely time with them, and will miss them. They are spending a few days in Antigua before eventually flying back on Wednesday, after his birthday. In the evening, when Andrew left, it was full moon, so we went to a full moon party. It was fascinating, because they had numerous bonfires in big circular ornate brass circles, some of them in the water, and some on land. We had a few drinks, and a shared barb-e-cue we were full up really from lunch, but the smells tempted us. Jerk Goat, chicken, and pork, very spicy, but good. They had made some pots, in an old traditional way, after the firing they (Rose would have been fascinated with this) used dustbins, paper, and sawdust, which apparently gives it there colour. No two pots come out the same. They had two bands, one of them had a guitar player/singer and a saxophone player, they were very good, and the second group were more ‘reggie’, we didn’t stay late, but it was a good evening.

Rain, rain, rain, it has not stopped, oh dear, why are we here? I know why, because when the sun comes out it is beautiful. Having done all the sheets, and towels, we managed to dry them between showers, we then discovered that one of the melons had rotted, dropping liquid and seeds everywhere, so Geoff spent the morning sorting all the fruit and veg, whilst I cleaned the cooker and galley. It is the first time we have been on our own since October 27th, so it seemed very strange, I think Geoff is a bit lost. I roasted a lot of the vegetables, and we had a big fish steak with them, it was so tasty. We both had showers, then early to bed to watch 24. It is taking over our life at the moment.

Up late, had a lazy start, then finished the pile of ironing, life returning to normal with a big big bang!! No wine, no meals out, just normality, accept we do have beautiful surroundings!! Geoff started to plot our course for tomorrow, we will be leaving first thing, fill up with water, then away. At present we are spending more money on water, than we are on diesel. Cannot be bad.

Up early, happy birthday Andrew, hopefully he got my message, the big 30!!!! We had a quick breakfast, then up anchor and away, out of the harbour, and across to a small island that sells diesel and water. Fill her up we said, but only with water, 32$ later, and we were off to Virgin Gorda, although we have been here before, we did not go round the island, so that is what we will be doing tomorrow. Geoff cooked lunch, we had chicken and vegetable curry, could not find the chicken, but the veggies were excellent. Had a brilliant swim in clear blue waters, checked the anchor, checked the keel for any damage, everything seems ok, Geoff cleaned the sugar scoop, and I just sunbathed. What a life.!!Our first day on our own sailing, no problems, and at least we set our course etc., mind you we have only gone five miles!!!!! I have challenged Geoff to a game of crib tonight.

Up later, then into the marina, and hopefully get a hire car, no cars, only taxi, we have been told that the local village has one street, and that is all there is to see, other than an old copper mine, and there is not much left of that. We walked all around the marina which was very pretty, went into several shops, bought a couple of charts, then back to the boat for dinner, and a game of rummycup, Geoff doesn’t want to play crib, because he keeps losing.

We left the anchorage, and headed for the Indian’s again, I wanted a proper snorkel around the reef’s. We picked a buoy up, and went for a long swim and snorkel, the coral was lovely, but did not see so many fish this time, when we came here three years ago, there were plenty. We then headed off to Norman’s Island to The Bight, where we took a buoy, it was 20 metres deep, very windy, we had lunch, and were going off to look at the caves, but there was a squall, 40 knots of wind, and lots of rain. Glad we are on a buoy!!!! We were going over to the bar in the evening, but it rained most of the evening, so we did not bother.

Up late after a wonderful night’s sleep on a buoy, no worrying if we had dragged anchor etc., when we were ready we moved on to Soper’s Hole, which is at the end of Tortolla, Andrew told us to go there, it is so lovely, we have taken another buoy (25$ a night )another good night’s sleep. This place is very boutique..ish, with lots of tourist, will get some pictures. We were minding our own business, desperately trying to get our emails, when this guy was sick everywhere, and he wasn’t British!!! Fortunately they have left now, so it is lovely and peaceful again. Tommorrow we are going to the American Virgin Isles, so we have to book out tomorrow of the Bvi’s. (money for nothing). It is so lush and green everywhere, we know why now, it rains every day, we had another storm earlier, but it soon drys up again.

Pictures are of Virgin Gourda, and Soper’s Hole

We had a late breakfast, tried once again to send emails, and failed, did some shopping, then Geoff went over to Customs to book out, another 5$, they seem to charge for everything here, 25$ for a buoy a night, no anchoring. We are now off to US Virgin Islands. Away from the mooring buoy, and head for the bay opposite, Watermelon Bay, part of Leimester Bay. We did not bother to sail there, we motored across, and came to this fantastic place, we went to anchor and were promptly shouted at by two boats, so we picked up a mooring buoy. It is strange, just across the water, and the cost was 15$, (trust Britain to rip us off!!). St. John’s Island is owned by Rockefeller, he has built an exclusive Hotel in the south, and then given ¾ of the Island to the National Park, who have kept it as a nature reserve. It is beautiful, very green, because it rains a lot, but the scenery all around is wonderful. No fishing or shooting allowed, and when we went snorkeling we understood why. The fish were amazing, amongst the ones we recognized were stingrays. We saw one big one, which was blue spotted, and several baby ones, the big one looked a bit scary, with a very long tail, so we moved away. We also saw some turtles, one came to the surface close to us, then dived down. In the evening I did some more swimming, and jumped into the dinghy awkward, and think I have bruised my ribs, whatever it is, it hurts when I take deep breaths. We decided to spend two days here, as it was so relaxing. The down side of it was, I got bitten in places I did not know I had by mosquitoes, Geoff as usual got none, obviously my blood is sweeter.

Having paid our dues, which was on trust, we set sail to St.Thomas’s, we left the bay and went through a very tiny channel called The Narrow’s, with rocks either side we took our time, although we need not have worried too much. Followed the coast of St.John’s, through several rocky passages, and onto the tip of St.Thomas’s we decided as we were not sure of the area, and the depths varied, we would take the safe route. Found a nice place to anchor, and it worked first time, had some lunch, after which we went ashore to book in. Even though we both have Visa, we still had to have our fingerprints taken,( big brother is watching us), still they did not charge us on entry. St. Thomas is so different from St.Johns, it is very much geared to tourism, at present there are three big cruise ships in, full with American tourists, they also have seaplanes taking off and landing in the harbour where we are anchored, fascinating to watch. We walked around, this place is duty free, so we went in to look at some diamonds, not that we were buying any, but it was fun. Walked around the marina here, they have tenders bigger than my first boat (19’) so you can imagine the size of the boats, with all their toys on board. We had a drink in the marina, which is obviously geared up for the cruise ships, very expensive, but not as bad as the BVI’s. Went back to our lovely ‘Anam Cara’ and had swordfish for dinner, then we played dominoes, and crib. At present I am losing my crown, although I did win at crib tonight, Geoff seems to be on form at present.

Up at some ridiculous hour to shut all windows, raining again!!! We had a slow start to the morning, did some washing and ironing, Geoff did some repairs to the boat, had some lunch, then we are going to town, to find an internet café………………………………Having done all our jobs, we then decided to go on the journey to find the chandlery. Well it was an epic voyage in our dinghy, we went across the bay, dodging the seaplanes, and ferries, found French Town, struggled in, went aground, struggled out of the dinghy, only to be told we had another ten minutes ride to go. Back in the dinghy round the point, very rocky, and sea was rough, to the next bay, managed to find a spot, landed again, found the chandlery only to find although they were very helpful, could not really help us!!!! I bought a new pair of boat shoes though. I then spotted a hairdresser, as my hair was driving me mad, I managed to get a haircut, what a relief, not only did the lady cut my hair well, she was nice with it. Back into the dinghy for the return journey, never again, my ribs are still saw from the other day, now they feel worse again. Geoff cooked one of his excellent pasta’s and I thrashed him at crib, and early night was taken, which was just as well, because the seas were really rocking and rolling, I was up most of the night, wishing for my 6’ bed in Spain.

Well a very lazy morning, I just could not get motivated, Geoff was cleaning the forward cabin’s heads ,( never to be used again) boards up and put in the sea to soak, sea pump used to wash everything down, assume it looks good, I am not allowed to use it!!! Very muggy day, we decided to go into town and do some shopping, plus the usual internet, whilst looking for the internet café, the heaven’s opened, and it poured with rain, worst storm that we have had so far, and guess what no coats with us. We quickly found a bar, had a little drink, then wandered onto internet café, by the time we came out the air was lovely and clear, and the skies were blue again. Only problem with all that was we left all our windows opened, so when we came back, everything was soaked, including my mobile phone. It didn’t work before, it certainly doesn’t work now. We mopped everything up, and soon back to normal. Geoff cooked corned beef hash, which was excellent, and I went to bed with my book early. Geoff watched a film.

Up early, locked boat up, and went and hired a car, the car’s here are all left hand drive, which is ok, but you drive on the left as well Weird!!!!. We made our way, slowly round the Island, it is a very pretty place, very clean and tidy, with lots of bays, most of the roads are twisty, up and down dales, high hills, that run down to the bays, no place names, only road numbers, so it was interesting being the navigator. We went into one bay, and had some lunch, we shared a plate of chicken wings, and chips, weigh day tomorrow, oh well never mind. We then drove onto another bay which was supposed to be the best on the Island, but they wanted 10$ to use it, so we didn’t bother, we have seen so many lovely places, that it seemed silly to pay for this one. We went to what we thought was the centre, there was nothing much there, Geoff tried to get his prescription, but they wanted something like 700$ for one month’s pills, so he left it, not sure what he is going to do now. Called into a Raymarine agent to ask for advice on our plotter, as we still do not have it working, but the guy was not there, we will try another day. Found another bay, with a restaurant, we were going to eat there, but they were closed, but we might go back later. At home you see cat’s and dog’s wandering around, here you see chickens, and iguana’s, some are quite big. Went to another chandler’s where Geoff has bought a new pair of shoes, flip flops, suitable for wearing in the dinghy. Trying to modernize him!!! We then did our shopping at this huge supermarket, the best we have seen, since we left Spain, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, having stocked up we loaded the dinghy headed back to the boat, where we changed and then went to Frenchtown, as we have been told of some nice restaurants there. When we found the place we had been recommended it just had the wow factor, set on the sea shore, with palm trees, and a balcony that overlooked the bay. Fantastic. The food was wonderful, I had crab cakes as a starter, and the 16oz steak, and Geoff had spinach, sundried tomatoes, and feta cheese, then the 16oz steak. It was cooked to perfection, it just melted in the mouth. As Geoff was away for my birthday, he said it was his treat to me, well I was impressed. What a lovely day we had.

Geoff was up and out early to return the car, I stayed in bed, and read some more of my book, then quickly up dressed and just managed to clear up, and get breakfast, when Geoff returned, we had our breakfast, then I did some washing, ironing and cleaning. Geoff was trying to get the chart plotter to work, but as he had no idea what he was doing, not a lot of hope there. We went into town to do emails, and I forgot my glasses, so managed to send them, but could not reply. We came back, I cooked dinner, Chicken pie, roasted potatoes and roasted vegetables, then I beat Geoff at Dominoes, first time for ages, then we both had an early night, ready for the off tomorrow.

Up quite early, quick breakfast, then over to the fuel dock, which took ages, there was a queue waiting, not surprised with diesel at 2$ 33 cents a gallon, we filled the tank up, plus all our empty containers at that price. Should last us till we get to Trinidad. We were paying 6$ a gallon in British Virgin so it was worth it. We worked that out to be about 1pound 60p, can you remember those days.

We eventually left at 11.30am, and as we have come the furthest west we are going ,it is all east to south east, which means we have some hard sailing to do. We didn’t do too bad, only one tack, before we took in the staysail, we only did that because we had to come through this very narrow channel, which went down to 4 meters, but had rocks everywhere, and we wanted to see where we were going. Geoff stood on the bow, and we navigated by hand signals, it was amazing, but it saved us doing an extra six miles on the nose. We arrived at this bay called Red Hook, it has a delightful beach, with palm trees on, with lovely white sand. Down anchor, we had lunch, then straight in for a swim ashore. I did a bit of snorkeling, then swam back again. Fish for dinner tonight, then we are watching a DVD. Weigh day, and we both managed to lose a 1kg, so slow progress is being made. Just to keep the record straight, Geoff beat me at Dominoes, so he is the champion again.

For those of you who have been following Geoff’s progress across the Atlantic, you might remember Basil and Sybil,( whom we won the best basil plant to cross the Atlantic) well I have tried very hard to restore Sybil to her former glory, but sadly today she passed away, we will be having a burial at sea, although firstly I will be using her soil to top up Basil’s, hopefully he will continue getting stronger.

Lazy start, then I cooked breakfast, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, fried eggs, and some left over potatoes, lovely, we had a read for awhile, then we started the big clean, Geoff did the cockpit, lifting boards, and cleaning the bilges, whilst I T/cut the sugar scoop, and started on the stern above our cabin, looks lovely now, only the rest to do. We jumped in for a swim, then had an early dinner, we played rummicup and I won, first time I have done that, so I was really pleased. Another early night as I was shattered, not used to manual labour.

This log is especially for Marian, as she was fed up with the sand and sea etc.,

Up early and into town, where we collected our emails, and also made contact with the man who was the Raymarine agent for St.Thomas. Meeting arranged at 1.30, contacted the Portsmouth office, and they suspected it was the card reader. We did some shopping, back to the boat for a quick lunch, then Geoff went to get Herman, nice guy, spent fifteen minutes getting to us, seas rough, then five minutes looking at the machine, to tell us it was the machine, and confirmed what Paul had told us, 90$ later Geoff was taking him back to shore. Still at least we know now, and I will take it back to Portsmouth with me on the 18th. We then went ashore again, to tell Paul what was happening via email, then spent the whole afternoon trying to get flights. Boring!!! Still I achieved to get mine, if you are reading this Mum, I am in England from the 18th February – 3 March, then back again on the 25th April until 20th May, so some dates for your diary. Back to boat too late for the lasagna Geoff had prepared, so we ended up with another fry up. Oh dear the diet!!!

Had an awful night, I was in agony for some reason with my ribs again, think it was too much polishing on Sunday, tried the other bed, slept eventually. Up late, we left our anchorage, said goodbye to St.Thomas, I have enjoyed my stay here, although Geoff was disappointed. I think he expected it to be more American. We did not have far to go, so we did not bother with the sails, it was on the nose anyway, we navigated through the channel, at Cruz Bay, St.John’s, which was difficult enough, tried to pick up a buoy, but it was all entangled with others, put the anchor down, to find the boat next door attacking us from the side, I had to hold it off, which was not easy, as it was 60’, meanwhile Geoff had gone into the dinghy trying to pick up the buoy. Oh dear what a mess, I got him back on boat, he held the boat off, whilst I pulled the anchor off. Meanwhile the boat next door, his buoy had gone to our prop!!!!, we saw some other people, and Geoff shouted for help, fortunately they came. I went to pull the anchor up, and that was also caught in some rope, we were trapped!!!! Between the two people in the dinghy and Geoff untangling the anchor, and me holding of the boat we managed to get free. We then got out of the harbour as quick as we could, no damage done. We are now on a nice little buoy in a bay, yes you guessed it Marian, with white sands, palm trees etc., and we are now going to dinghy to shore, as we have to book out of the US Islands, before we can start our trip back. This Island is for Honeymooners, or Retired people, we at least will fit in one of the categories

27/1 continuation………….. We jumped into the dinghy, and went across a bay, we knew it was different because it had channels for dinghy’s, there were signs all over the place, restricted area, security etc., etc., we landed and spoke to the guards, then realized we were at the ‘Rockerfella Hotel’ it just oused money, very nice. We were going to have a little snack, then Geoff spotted the buffet, which I have to admit looked gorgeous, but at 35$ per head, without booze, taxes, and 20% for staff etc., I knew it was going to be an expensive lunch, so I steered away from there, we already had the lasagna on board to eat!! We left the bay, and then headed round the headland, back to Cruz Bay, we had a delightful lunch of Beefburger and chips, plus the use of the internet, with drinks and everything, we had change from 30$. We then headed off to the Customs and booked out, very nice people, and very easy, not too much red tape, and no charge. We then walked around the town, which did not take long, back into the dinghy started to make our way back, when I asked Geoff where his bag was, which had boat documents, passports, and everything that we need in it. Back to the shops, and fortunately we found it in a book shop, how lucky was that. When we got back to the boat, we looked at the white sand, and the empty beach, so decided to go for a swim, it was lovely. Back on board, showers, dinner, then an early night, as we are off early in the morning.

Up early and away, before I had even woken up almost, we headed out, through some really rocky passages, wish the chart plotter was working.

Geoff did a grand job on navigation, and we slowly made our way to Leimester Bay, with 30 knots of wind on the nose, and very narrow passages, it was hard work, but we made it, I got soaked as a squall came over, but it soon cleared, but it did not take the wind with it. We found a buoy, hooked up, and Geoff cooked scrambled eggs on toast, with a lovely cuppa. The reason we came back to this bay was to fix the Davits, that broke when we came up from St.Martin’s, we hoped to get it done in St.Thomas, but they did not really have any facilities, it is calm and peaceful here, and we are out of the wind, so we do not rock about too much. Geoff managed to fix that, I got on with the washing and ironing again. We also did some other jobs that needed attention. We threw some chicken away, because we were not sure if we should eat it or not, so rather than take the risk, I chopped it up and threw it in, we were surprised at the size of the fish, we have tried to find out what they are, but on our charts they do not show up. Later we swam, I could see the fish swimming around there were five of them, they were really big. Not allowed to fish in this bay, because it is protected. We had some more of Geoff’s lasagna, then read our books, and an early night was taken.

Up quite late, leisurely breakfast, Geoff was in a mood to do nothing, he said he could not get motivated, he had a bad headache, I think he might have been a bit dehydrated, so I pumped him with water. We did a couple of little jobs, then I persuaded him to come snorkeling with me, that did the trick, he was back to his normal self again. We had steak and kidney pie, roasted veg, and roast potatoes, then we played scrabble, don’t want to brag, but I won.

Up at 7.30am and away, we had 20 miles to go, and we knew it would be on the nose, so we wanted an early start. Out with the main, and the staysail, and we tacked our way up to Virgin Gourda, we had a lovely sail, we are now at anchor until tomorrow, when we start heading back to Antigua. Tomorrow we are heading to Saba, and maybe St.Kitt’s, depending on how long the sail is and what the weather is like. I have enjoyed the Virgin Islands, we have seen all the tourist bits, and a lot of the bays you would not normally go to. The American Islands, were lovely, and I am glad we went there, I think my favourite place was the restaurant we went to in St.Thomas, the food and the ambience was wonderful, and Leimster Bay in the North of St.John’s, it was so quiet and peaceful, with lovely snorkeling . Good bye Virgin Islands we will remember the good times we have had here.

After lunch, we filled the boat up with water, it took 169 gallons, and it cost us 25$, not sure if that is good or bad, but we have to have it. We then headed for the passage, which we came in with Andrew and Anna at night, well we were really worried, because there were rocks in the middle just breaking the surface, with no warnings etc., no wonder when we first came round them, Andrew could here water lapping, we will not be using that channel in the night again, it went down below 5meters in places, scary stuff. We then plotted our course, at that point we were going to Saba, but could get nowhere near, as guess what the little wind we had was on the nose again, we then headed for Anguilla, but that became difficult, so we ended up going to St.Martins, we sailed all through the night, and we arrived at 9am, the only problem I had was a cruise ship which was obviously stalling for time, kept going round in circles, which was a bit of putting, when you are not sure what he is doing, I slowed down, I went to go behind him, then I just went for it, and slowly passed him.

At sunset, I had a family of dolphins swimming with me, and at daybreak I had one lonely dolphin. We did shifts of three hours on and three hours off, plus of course Geoff had to do all the cooking, because I will not go down below, so he kept me in hot teas, and cereals, I was feeling a bit queasy so did not want dinner. It was good to arrive, but we were both shattered, we had some breakfast, then we both fell asleep. Later Geoff cooked corned beef hash, and we went for a swim. We had wine with our lunch and again for our tea, we played crib, and I got beaten again, 3 games to 2, but they were all close games.

We are both having an early night tonight.

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