Had to fly into Murcia again, for Geoff to go to have some more tests, we decided to go for a week to get out of the snow in England.  Lovely and sunny here, still a chill in the wind, but lovely blue skies, now I know why I like it here.

I went to aqua-classes on Tuesday and caught up with Daf, and Carole, we do have a laugh, and it is also good for you, Geoff came for coffee, and Steve also came, good to see everyone again.

Wednesday Geoff had his tests, and Thursday we had the results, nothing conclusive, so the Doctor has sent him to see a consultant, so we will coming back after the honeymoon.

Spent the evening with Mary and Barry and played Dominoes and cards, had a lovely meal, and a good laugh, Geoff caught up with the crib crowd, and I joined him in the end, and beat Paul and Geoff so I was chuffed.

Friday evening we went out for dinner with Steve and Daf, we had a bottle of champagne before we left, and then to the restaurant, where we enjoyed a lovely meal, with Daf having decorated the table, it was lovely, everyone in restaurant took the mickey about getting married, a brilliant fun night, with lovely company and good food.

Saturday we popped to Mary’s and we ended up having another bottle of bubbly, and they joined us at the Chinese restaurant, so another fun dinner, good job we are going back to England as our weight is going back on, will my dress still fit.

We flew back into England, Andrew met us there, back to Jenny’s house.

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