Friday 22/3/2013

Well at last we have had official confirmation that the wedding can take place at the Bankhouse Hotel, so we decided to go and do all the final arrangements.

We left Horndean (Jenny and Bill’s) at 6.30 am we headed up to Northampton, stopping at our friendly bacon baguette place, and walking dogs on route at Ockham Bites, then onto Mark’s, I wanted to see the bridesmaids dresses, and to make sure they were similar to Jane’s (they are slightly different) but I doubt anyone will notice.  We stopped for coffee, then onto Worcester, rest of family at School, so we missed them, such a shame, still we will see them at wedding.

First stop County Hall at the Registrar office, as we needed to give them the music, and reading, having done that we stopped for lunch as they do subsidized lunches, and very nice it was too.

Then onto meet Kathy at the Bank House, we went through the itinary, looked at where the wedding was going to be held, and at present no carpet was down (very worrying) but we were assured everything would be OK. Whilst we were there Lee Webb arrived the photographer, well to say I was a  bit shocked was an understatement, he looked like a School boy of about 15 years, but once we got chatting, and saw his work we were both happy with the decision to go with him.  We left the Hotel feeling very happy with everything, so at last we are on track.

We then went onto the florist, where we were to meet John, he was not there at first, but we were given a cup of tea, and he soon arrived.  Well he is a very artistic chap, and after talking things through, another decision was made, we paid for the flowers, and left very happy with the thought he would do a good job, we also ordered for Jane a bouquet of sweets they looked brilliant, thought that would bring a smile to her face, because when I have been down, she has managed to keep me focused.

Now Bournemouth, we were running late, and worried that we would miss the musician, but apparently he got caught up in traffic, so he was still performing when we got there.  I instantly knew he was for us, as he was so versatile and talented, we booked him there and then, we stayed and listened for a little while, then left to start going home.

It was about 9 pm by now and the poor dogs were still in the car, they have been brilliant, but we decided to go for a walk with them, poor things they never complain.

We finally got home about 10 pm, but what a day, every stop was successful, and now  seventeen days before the wedding, we can now relax, and just hopefully enjoy the day.

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