England Uck!!

Why oh why did we decide to get married in England, it is cold, wet and miserable.

We hired a car, drove up to Worcester, still no news on Hotel, we travelled to Derbyshire, and stayed with Marian and Martin, had a lovely time, but oh boy isn’t it cold here, we went on walks, and the boys did the normal trip to the Wee Dram, coming home with another couple of bottles of very expensive whiskey!!.  Weather is closing in, and snow is forecast, so in the morning we quickly gathered up our things, and escaped before we were trapped in, snow was laying, very picturesque, but have to go.  Thoroughly enjoyed our stay again, look forward to catching up at the wedding, where ever it might be held.

Stayed at Jane’s then popped to Portsmouth for a few days, Tom and Kathleen are looking after Sooty and Bella for us, whilst we fly back to Spain.



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