Ships Log – Wednesday 3rd March 2010 – Lagoon Marina – St.Maartins

Up at 5am, David had a flight to catch, we all said our farewells, and Jeff and Geoff took him via the boat, to save crossing over the South African’s boat, Jeff rowed, then came back, and Geoff took him in the hire car to the airport, I drank my tea, and went back to bed. Good plan I thought!
Geoff eventually came back, he had had a puncture, so it took him longer than he thought, then both G & J went to the supermarket, I stayed on board waiting for the engineer, and to ensure he had no problems with next door. I did loads of washing, and cleaning, the engineer arrived about 9.30am, and got straight onto the job this man is about 6’4, he soon had everything back together, then we had asked him to change the oil and filters, plus look at the starter as it did not always turn off.
Meanwhile the shopping had arrived and I had put it away, cleaned the fridge out, whilst the other two had gone off to collect the sail, and get other bits, plus return the car.
It was midday before we sat down for breakfast, bit late, but it will save on lunch, we had decided not to leave today, as it was rush rush rush, and one more day would not make any difference.
The engineer was still with us, he could not get the engine to stop, and starting was no problem, eventually he left about 2pm, saying he would ask his boss, not sure what is happening now. Geoff will go and see him in the morning.
Geoff got into the bilges, as there was a lot of surplus oil etc, and the pump was not working, he striped it out, and cleaned it off, and it is now ok, it only needed cleaning. Jeff did some more tidying of the head lining, and something to do with one of the other pumps, he was in the engine room absolutely soaking wet with heat. Geoff fixed a new towel rain, toilet roll, and shower lead. I was the plumber and electricians mate, at their beckon call, I also finished the ironing. So a very good days work, we emptied some of the water from under the engine to clean the bilges a bit, and we will do the rest when we are at sea.
I cooked sausage and mash, with onion gravy, tomatoes and broccoli, funny mix, but it tasted good.
We all then had an early night, as we were shattered, David meanwhile will be in the air somewhere over the Atlantic, safe journey, see you in April!!

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