Ships Log – 4th/5th March 2010 Lagoon Bay St.Maartins – Virgen Gouda Bvi’s

Up early Geoff went off to see what was happening to the starter etc., etc., I nipped up to do some internet, then the engineer appeared, so we went back to the boat. Greg was on a mission, to get the solenoid and the starter/off to work, which he achieved after some time. We tested it several times, now it is up to us, do we go or do we stay, unanimous decision, we are going.

Geoff and Jeff went off the book us out of St.Maartins, and Jeff went to the bank to try and change his E.C.Dollars, we all messed up, and have lots, we forgot you could not use them in the Virgin Islands, it is dollars only. They both came back
Geoff was successful, although they charged him 77$ to book out, we had to pay to use their bridge (only way through to the Lagoon) and also for the privilege of parking in their murky waters for two weeks, whether we had been at anchor or on a marina. We knew they charged but never thought it was that much, if we had come through the French way, they do not charge, but we had no engine at the time, so no choice!!

We then went to the marina, and paid for the water, we must have gone mad, cos that was over 100$ as well, the electric was reasonable, so all in all and expensive stay, as the engine repair, although cheaper than we thought it was going to be, still worked out 1500$, so it is official we are broke.

We did last minute tidying up, and we did some last internet, then we were ready to slip. Jeff meanwhile had run to Marigot, to try and change some of his EC Dollars, but they wanted too much, so he did not do it. He caught the bus, but had forgotten to take $, so the guy said he would have to get off, so he was not a happy bunny, by the time he came back.

4.00pm we are ready to slip, our neighbours, were very helpful, mainly because they wanted to see the back of us, but they will have someone else, and have to go through it all again, we were quite tolerant of them, let us hope the next lot sort them out. We reversed back for some time, trying to avoid all the shallow areas, then we stuck to the channel, we were away, with no running aground this time, so that was good. We waited for the gate to open at 4.30pm; we were one of many all scrambling to get out. They are holding the Heineken Regatta, here this week, so very busy.

Through the gates load dinghy on, we had left it off, just in case we had gone aground, Geoff and Jeff eventually got it on the davits, and by now it was 5pm. On course to the Virgin Islands, the last overnighter for me, and I am so pleased about that. Out of sight of the island, still not wind, it looks like we will have to engine all the way. We had big swells, so we decided to put the main up, to try and steady us, which it did a bit, we just pottered along at 5 knots, still it is testing the engine. I had cooked spaghetti Bolognese earlier, so Geoff heated it up, and did it with shells for easiness, I had a small one, but wished I hadn’t had anything, I felt queasy all night. We all did our shifts throughout the night, putting the jib out about 2.30am, did help a bit, but not a lot.

Daylight came and we could see Virgin Gourda, we had a cuppa, as everyone was awake, and plodded on. Geoff had navigated to go through the Blinders, but I requested that we didn’t do it, we have been through on two other occasions, one with Andrew in the middle of night, that was really scary, because we had no plotter or charts at the time, the second time we had all the charts, but it was still frightening, so we came through the correct passage, and up past the Baths, and put down anchor about 9.30am, we watched a stingray floating around for a few minutes. Tired and exhausted and still feeling sick, we had some breakfast, about 11am Jeff said we are moving, we checked again, and sure enough we were. So we tried again, and again, third time lucky, we made it, hopefully we will be ok

We are all going for a swim now, and will continue shortly.

Sunbathed on deck for a while, we were all pretty useless, Geoff went to bed and slept for a couple of hours, I did some internet, for some strange reason we can get it on the boat, when we were in the Marina, we were supposed to get it there, and we couldn’t now we are anchored not close to anything or anyone we have it, will never understand modern technology.

I cooked dinner, then at 8ish I decided to go to bed, the boys followed shortly.

We were then up and down all night, as there were big roly poly seas, things were going bump in the night, I lost my best cooking dish, it smashed on the floor, and the coffee perculator also went. Just when we needed a good night’s sleep. Think we will be moving today. To add insult to injury it is raining!!!!!

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