Ships Log – 6th March 2010 – Virgin Gourda – Tortola

Oh boy! What a night, it matched Fort Vieux St.Lucia, it was horrendous, we were all up and down, I had taken a sleeping tablet, in the vain hope of getting some sleep, not a chance. Things were going everywhere; if we had still been at sea you would expect it, but not on anchor. I ended up sleeping in the lounge, Geoff slept sideways across the bed, and Jeff just did not sleep.

We made tea at 7am, and things were still bad, we all had breakfast, then the rain came, and did not stop, we had the new awning up, which stopped us getting wet in the cockpit. I was convinced we had moved, we checked the positions on the gps, and we had slightly, in the end we decided to go, so we took the anchor up, and sailed out of Virgin Gourda without any problems.

The sun was trying to come out, and we put the jib up, a very comfortable 5 knots, we were going to play with the generator, so did not want too much sail out. We only have 13 miles to go, so it was nice just pottering, when down came the rain again, we put up the main, to make us go quicker, by which time we were down to 3 knots, we were not using ‘George’ either, so not using the battery.

We decided to not play with the generator, leaving it till we were in a quiet bay somewhere, which definitely will not be today. The weather is terrible it is blowing a holey, and raining really bad, we had forgotten was rain all about, we are still laughing, and saying it is like camping in England, except it is still about 30 degrees.

We took in all the sails, as it was now on the nose, and speeded our way to Sopers Hole Tortola, where there were limited buoys, and we had one of the last ones. We have put the awning up again as it is still raining, we are spinning in all directions at present, just hope it settles down before nightfall.

Geoff and I played crib, and I beat him, then we all played dominoes, and I won again, so I am the champion for today.

Geoff cooked a lovely chicken curry, with rice, which we ate outside, but it is still raining. Hope it is better in the morning.

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