Ships Log – Sunday 7th March 2010 – Soper’s Hole – Tortola

We all decided not together, but just to have a lay-in, it is still raining, blowing, and a typical English day, we thought why get up. So we eventually stirred about 9.30, had some breakfast, and generally did nothing.

Generator on for an hour, so I did some hoovering, the others were clearing all the paperwork that was lying around, a general tidy up.

We went across in dinghy to find out about the ferries to the Avi’s, and also to get some shopping and money. Atm not working so no money, supermarket busy as the cruise ships were in, can’t think why; always loads of food on board!

Geoff and I went for a drink, whilst waiting for Jeff, still raining, so not pleasant, we then went back to the boat, dropped me off, and they went to Customs, to check us into and out of the Bvi’s, plus to take Jeff off, as it is a Sunday, you have to pay more, as it is overtime!

Lunch prepared I had done a pizza and salad, which was nice, the rain had stopped for a while, so Jeff went back to the internet, having trouble to get it round here.

Soon the rain came again, so thoroughly fed up, I made some bread, did not come out as usual, but used wholegrain flour, so will get ordinary next time, it was edible.

Geoff did meat balls for dinner, which were very nice he had made a very tasty dish, he can do them again.

We all decided to have an early night, as we were fed up with the wind and rain.

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