Ships Log – Tuesday 2nd March 2010 – Lagoon Bay – St.Maartins

Today is David’s last day, so we have hired a car, to see some more parts of the Island. We had an early breakfast, then Geoff and David went to Customs to check him off the boat, then they picked the car up. Jeff and I went to the internet, to catch up again.

The boys eventually returned about 11am, and we all piled in the car, we went round to the Atlantic side first, the roads were dreadful, and our navigation was not that good, as we were using a tourist map, but we got around eventually, we arrived at Ocean Pond, we had no idea what was there, but we found this private club and hotel, which Geoff drove into, as the barriers were up, and straight down parked the car near the beach and out we got. Well the sea was so clear, far clearer than the other side, which is amazing as it was the Atlantic side, we were followed by security, but none of us looked back, and we just plonked ourselves on sun beds, as if we owned the place. No questions were asked. We had a fabulous swim there, and David bought us a drink, which although I do not know how much it was, I imagine it was more than the normal.

Geoff was getting hungry, so we decided to head for the chicken and ribs place in Grand Case, where we went last time, it was great as usual, even better because David had treated us. We then went on the beach, Geoff did his normal sleep time, I went for a swim, Jeff went for a run, and David was sunbathing, although he did go for a long swim, practicing his crawl.

We eventually left and went to see the aircraft coming in over another beach, but we were far too late, so we had missed them all, which was a shame, cos I wanted to see that, never mind, another time maybe.

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