Ships Log – Monday 1st March 2010 – Lagoon Bay

Geoff and David up and out, off to see the Volvo man early, in the vain hope the parts have arrived. They have not, but they have confirmation of order, so that is a start, hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday!
We had our breakfast; it is already very hot, so not sure what will be done today. David is walking to the airport via several beaches, so Jeff went and got some fuel, then dropped him off. Geoff was stuck in the engine room, trying to sort one of our pumps out, he is mounting it in a new place, he also fixed me a new towel rail, toilet holder, and shower hose, and all had gone past their time.
I tried to do some washing, first of all Matilda would not open, then she leaked everywhere, and now she will not open again, she is very obstinate when she wants to, yesterday she did four loads perfectly!
After a nice lunch, and Geoff had taken his siesta, we went to the beach, we swam a long way today, think it was further than 500 yards, we swam to the next beach which has a hotel on it, and back. Then Jeff came along, and swam even further out to the rocks, which was about 600 yards each way, he is very fit. Still he is younger than us. David met us with us again, and he also went in for a swim, so we should be fitter.
Back to the boat, Geoff cooked Carbonara, after dinner Geoff and I played crib, and I managed to beat him, then we played dominoes 2 – 1 to Geoff and David.
Early night was taken, the heat is getting to us, glad when we are back at anchor, and at least you get some breeze.

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