Ships Log – Wednesday 31st March 2010 – Leimester Bay St.Johns

Up early had breakfast, decided to hunt down a drill in Tortola, Bvi’s we phoned first thing, and yes we have a 220v drill, so Jeff decided to stay in the bay, whilst we went over to the Bvi’s, no sails as it was on the nose, we chugged along at 3.5 knots, slowly but steadily, the log was working again, thanks to Jeff, scrubbing the underneath.

We arrived about midday, dropped anchor in Road Town, and Geoff nipped ashore, well actually he was four hours, he went from shop to shop looking for this drill, no one sold them, sorry sir, it was a mistake! As you can imagine Geoff was not happy, but he did come back with other things we needed, plus a brace and bit, maybe that would work.
Meanwhile back on the boat, where we had anchored was next door to a cruise ship, which decided to go out, I was left going in all directions, at one time, I thought the anchor had dragged, so I put the engine on, not sure what I would have done, but it made me feel safer. All the other boats were not affected just us, scary stuff.

Geoff came back, and we slipped quietly out of the harbour, and back to St.John’s, making 6 knots on the jib, with the wind behind us, very good.

Couldn’t find a buoy, so we anchored, and were then told that we couldn’t anchor there, because we were not 200 ft away from the buoys, we have a sergeant major, in charge of the bay this week-end. We took anchor up again, and put it down further back.

Jeff caught up with us, just in time to have some dinner, cold meat and salad. Then Jeff made us pancakes, which were lovely.

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