Ships Log – Tuesday 30th March 2010 – Red Hook Bay St.Thomas – Leimester Bay ST John’s

Up early and the boys went ashore to do the last minute internet, me I was happy loitering on my own. Made ready to leave, so all we had to do was lift the anchor, they seemed to take for ages, but when they arrived we quickly lifted the anchor, the only problem was a large piece of dead coral came up with it. I had to go round in circles, until Geoff and Jeff managed to free us from it.

We motored most of the way, as it was on the nose, Jeff got lunch, and eventually we entered Leimester Bay, one of my favourite spots.

Having waited for the buoy whilst someone was preparing to leave, we picked it up, and then another boat, nearer the shore, left so we dropped that one, and went to the other one. Now we are happy and settled.

A swim was called for, as we were all very hot, Geoff tried his new flippers out, and they were brilliant, he can get them on and off, without a fight. This place is so magical, we saw two Southern stingray’s, turtles, flounders, barracuda’s, star fish, butterfly fish, snappers, tuna and at one point, we were swimming amongst, thousands and thousands of baby fish, all different colours and sizes, the coral is alive and doing well here, because it is a protected area. Brilliant, brilliant, nothing more to add. If the fish here would go to Barbuda that would be my idea of heaven.

Back to the boat, and the boys started working on the platform for the generator, didn’t get far, as they needed a drill, Jeff managed to saw the wood to size, but we really must find a 220v drill they are all 110, no good for this boat.

I prepared dinner, and we sat and enjoyed a roast in this lovely quiet bay, then played dominoes, which I lost badly, and Jeff won all but one game, which Geoff won. So to bed Zebedee.

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