Ships Log – Thursday 1st April 2010 – Leimester Bay St.Johns

Up early and we went for a snorkel, again we saw loads of fantastic fish, it is lovely snorkelling now Geoff can put on his flippers, halfway across Geoff had pains in his tummy, so he had to stop, I followed him to the beach, where he sat and recovered, and I went off with Jeff to the deeper part of the bay, to see the big fish. We saw a huge Stingray, I saw what looked like a snake, but he disappeared before Jeff could say what it was. The fish out here are bigger, and better, and the underwater scene is so different. We went back to Geoff who was now feeling better, and we all swam back to the boat.

We had breakfast, then started the work, I was preparing the dinner for tonight, cleaning the fridge, and doing all the house chores, whilst Jeff was trying to get the generator fixed to the floor, the brace and bit, would not take the drill bits, until Jeff came up with the idea of making ridges in them with the grinder, all very clever. Jeff was able to complete his task.

Geoff and I were emptying the sail locker and trying to dry the sails, before putting them under the forward cabin bed. We never use them, and they take up so much space. Geoff had connected a plug for the bilge pump, so we drained the forward cabin, then found the hole from the forward lazarette was blocked, so I was doubled up, trying to get the bung out, it took ages, but finally I did it, and the water ran from the lazarette to the forward cabin, then we drained it down, now nice and dry again, not much water anyway, and it is at least a year since we did it last, if not two.

Gradually getting sorted, although the saloon looks a mess, but will clean up in the morning, we are all hungry and tired.

We played dominoes, and all won a game, but Geoff won the last game, which makes him the overall winner.

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