Ships Log – Friday 2nd April 2010 – Leimester Bay St.John’s

Up early, and went for a swim, Geoff and I are aching all over, it must have been all the lifting of the heavy sails, and trying to get into places, that we could do 20 years ago easily, we both went in for a swim, but I was having trouble with my mask so didn’t manage a long snorkel.

We decided to move the boat to another buoy, so we would be nearer the best places to snorkel, to save the long swim before we got anywhere. Jeff was not on board at the time, but he soon found us.

We had our breakfast, then down to jobs again, I cleaned the Sugar scoop, we have moved all the fenders, and after having the generator there for a while, it was really dirty, it took several attempts, but now back to how it should be. Geoff carried on trying to fit the plug in the forward lazarette, and Jeff finished connecting the generator.

Geoff still feeling not right, but he took some strong pain killers, and he thinks it made him feel strange, he cleared away all the tools, the boat looks a mess at the moment.

We had dinner, then Geoff went to bed early, and Jeff and I played dominoes, I won 2-1.

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