Ships Log – Saturday 3rd April 2010 Leimester Bay – St.John’s – St. Thomas Harbour

Up at 8am, and Geoff and I went for a snorkel, it was another fantastic one, first thing in the morning is the time to go, we saw everything, even a very big one, that we had not seen before, and cannot name, but he must have been 24 inches long. There were shoals of fish all around us, all shapes and sizes, with the pelicans hovering above, waiting to dive for their breakfast. Jeff had gone out to deeper waters, and seen an octopus, as well as all the normal ones.

We were just getting back on board, when the biggest of turtles, came up to say hello, the only downside today was the wind, it has turned to the north, and it seems very cold.

After breakfast we made ready to leave, Jeff went over and paid for the moorings, which is a platform in the middle of the bay, all done on trust, and we headed out.

Wind on the nose again, as it has turned, but we managed to get a little sail with the staysail, but not much wind about anyway.

We arrived in St.Thomas, anchored, and then I decided I was not happy as we were close to a buoy, so we moved nearer to the roadside, after another failed attempt we managed to get settled, had a cuppa, then went into the Marina Village to do internet, and get some shopping.

I cooked dinner, and we played dominoes again, I was losing, the boys had won two games each, then I came back and won the last three games.

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