Ships Log – Easter Sunday 4th April 2010 – St.Thomas Harbour

Went for a swim around the boat, it seems so boring now, having done so much lovely snorkeling, we did four laps round, then had a good old fashioned English breakfast.

We went off to internet, to find they were closing in ten minutes, so didn’t get much done, will have to come back tomorrow, we decided to go into Town, so we wondered around, Geoff wanted to still do internet, I was trying to buy some things, but everywhere was closing, plus the market was a rip off. Geoff went to internet, I carried on looking at shops, and we eventually met, after going up and down loads of different streets, back to the boat, for a relaxing afternoon.

When we got back, Geoff presented me with an Easter egg from the Belgium Chocolate shop, no one else sold them, I was really chuffed, and I have been hankering for chocolate for a few days.

I cooked roast lamb for dinner, it was a whole leg, and it seemed to take forever to cook, but it made a change from mince and chicken, which have been the normal dinners.

We played dominoes, and Geoff won everything.

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