Ships Log – Easter Monday 5th April 2010 – St. Thomas Harbour – Brewers Bay

Had a lazy start, due to the rain waking us at night, and did not surface till 9am, why not, we are retired. Had breakfast, and then went off to internet for last minute emails, before taking Jeff to a bay where he can get his flight.

We didn’t leave until after lunch, and had a slow sail, to another part of the Island, different coastline here, very rugged around this side. We saw the airstrip, sticking out of the water, and made our way up the channel, no buoys, although they were all on the charts, we had to keep slowing down, as several private jets and a big 737 came over us to land almost in front of us, very interesting. We turned into the bay, and we are now anchored in 4m quite close to the shore.

We all went into the water, and the first fish that Geoff and I saw was a white-spotted Eagle Ray, it was so big, bit scary but exiting. We saw shoals of tiny fish, a couple of bigger ones, and of course the turtles. Fantastic.

We ate our cold lamb, with salad, and tonight we played rummikub, had to teach Jeff how to play it, and he then won all the games.

We were all tired so went to bed early about 1.30am I woke suddenly the wind was howling, and there was a squall, on top of that I said we were drifting, which Geoff tried to convince me we were not, anyway, eventually he believed me, when we were halfway out of the bay, and we upped anchor, and went back to the shore, we all got soaked, then as quick as it came it finished, and we sat outside exhausted having a cuppa. I could not get back to sleep, so I dozed in the saloon, with the chart plotter on, with me looking at it periodically. The joys of sailing!

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